Newbie with a sad sad plant.

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  1. My Fiance and I are new at growing, very very new. we didn't even expect this thing to grow. we have it in our closet and its about 2.5 3 ft tall now.. with. pretty much no branches! Today I looked around to see how to get branches going, and I came across the bending method. I tried it, herd a crack even tho I was being ever so gentle.. and i flipped! it's very hard to bend my poor plant. and me not knowing what i'm doing doesn't help any haha. I have here a few pictures, and the cracks didn't snap the branch all the way. just inside it seems. I'm using a huge derpy string to bend it down as much as possible. help! any suggestions? feel free to laugh at my poor plant.. but feel even more free to help her grow!

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  2. Not enough light for a start which is why is tall and weak.
  3. wow...this is gunna be tough lol

    Well first off get yourself a cheap timer and make it get 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness. Id wanna veg that thing out a bit and try and get some bush to her lol

    Next get some 6500k 26w cfl light bulbs from walmart, home depot, or lowes. Its $12.97 for a two pack where im at. Get anywhere from 4-8 of those things.

    After letting it go under those lights and time schedules for anywhere between 2-4 weeks, changes the time schedule for 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness. And switch those lights with 2700k with the highest true wattage, not equivilent.

    Next, im sure youve never given it any nutes. Go buy yourself some Alaskan Fish Fertilizer from home depot or lowes and give it a tbl spoon of that mixed with a gallon of water youve let sit out open for about 24 hours.

    Start there lol im sure plenty more people are going to chime in haha

  4. Well thank you for the lighting tips. yes i know a timer is a huge thing i need because this poor plant gets the 12 on 6 off hrs, only not on a firm schedule. I'm broke now but i'll be getting some good money in about a month. nutes are a new item on my list also, and also do you know of anything to keep the smell down? my clothing have the smell of goodness, but my college professors don't enjoy it too much.
  5. dont forget a fan or two for some good circulation, also help strenghten flimsy stemseys

  6. i don't know what's better, the fact that you answered my post at 4:20 my time, or that you're bomb enough to have link as your profile picture. Also thank you for that, a fan wasn't on my list until now :D;)
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    Like a BOSS. haha naw really tho itll help out and some kinda intake and exaust aswell, what kinda lights were yall using again?
  8. Damn, could be the strain fault for being so tall and skinny, also put that light right on it or maybe even on the side to keep it from stretching towards the light. One thing I can tell you for sure is that you should transplant into something bigger and more importantly you don't ever want a medium that is see threw. Roots are really sensitive to light. The biggest thing is just don't get discouraged man

  9. Really? hmm sensitive roots.. interesting. that's more goood info ;D lthankies! also, i love how you have bubbles from trailer park boys as your default. that show is beast.
  10. spend a few days in the beginners section, read all the stickies and you should have enough knowledge to do a good grow.
  11. But, but, but that would make sense.
  12. And actually you could easily fix how tall and skinny it is by translating and burying a real good amount of the stem with it so that way you kinda get a fresh start and as long as you put that light right on it it should grow bushier rather than taller. Tie it down everywhere and sorta weave it around the pot, this can really increase yield

  13. is it sad that i dont know? baha. i just picked up a plant light at walmart. :( im neglecting mah poor plant T.T

  14. yeah that sounds like something i should do lol. because to be honest i wasn't ready to plant it, but i really didn't think a 2 yr old seed would grow so it was a sort or shits and giggles thing. but now i can't let it die! :O

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