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  1. Hey guys! First post to GC , seems like im in the right area if I have some questions i need answered. First off, im going to try to post the pics, hopefully they go through right.. But I got some new clones(SourKush,BubbaKush) from my local clinic about 4days ago. Im using an outdoor shed at the moment (in the pics you will see i still havnt finished the inside, nor hung up reflective panda wrap) but slowly it will come together and I will be sure to share!

    Anyway, im using FloraNova nuts for my starts. I diluted it a lot, ran the pH level and fed about 200ml the first day.. that next night i noticed my shed glowing outback, haha. I had to cut some insulation and cover the air vents that surround the canopy of the shed. Oh, the clones looked like the might have had some mite action.. !! .. I know this is not a good way to start. I went to the local grow shop and talked with some guys, he gave me this spray solution and told me to drench the babies in it and do it every 7-10 days and i will be good.... hope hes right.

    So, i went to check on them today and they seem a little sluggish. I hung out with them last night, i talked and schmok3d with them a bit before bed. I dont know if this is because it might be a little cold outside, or if its a nute thing. Im going to try to post the pics so you guys can see for yourselfs.. Lemme know what you think.

    Im sure many more questions will come up, and hopefully i can keep posting them on this same thread throughout the cycle. Thanks a ton GC !

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  2. Anyone know why they might be curling a little like that? Today they seem a little stronger, i sealed all the cracks in my shed last night, improved the heat a lot! Ill take more pics tomorrow and share... but i just wanted to know if they did that because it was cold, or if it was a lack of nutrient thing??

  3. Not an expert, but do know that over-watering often leads to droopy leaves.

    Do you have drainage holes at the bottom of your pot?
  4. What kind of light are using? What wattage?
  5. Its a SunSystem T5 , the 8bulb one.
  6. i would transplant to 3 gallon buckets filled with good soil. ffof or?? no mg for me. you dont know what the soil is from your dispensory. nice big clones by the way:D
  7. :wave: Plants look ok man, especially for a first shot. :)

    There looks like you have some mite damage, but hopefully u have that under control. They also look a little overwatered. Make sure u let the soil dry right out between waterings.

    NEVER smoke with your plants man, however tempting, it's really bad for them. :(

    You've got a little bit of nute burn going on, but nothing serious, make sure you keep the nutes diluted well.
    Have you got a fan blowing on them?
    What light are u using and how far from the plant is it?
    Have you considered topping?

  8. Thanks for the great info.. I have 2 gallon buckets i will transplant tomorrow.. Im going to take better pictures for you guys so you can see what im working with :) .

    No smoking with your plants ;) ? aww, lol. Just thought it might be a little more Co2 , haha.

    Anyway, the light is probably 5inc/6inch from the tops. The mite action i noticed right when i bought them, and ive been using (forgot the name) but a guy at my local grow shop said its great to use. Use it every 7-10days and i should have no bugs.

    And as far as nutes.. I only put a splash of feed in a 2QT (1/2gallon) feeder, and shook well. Then pH'd it. I was told to dilute the pH up or Down when im adding it to my feed. The guy at the shop said a lot of people make mistakes by just dropping the 'up or down' directly in the feed. What he told me to do is fill a pint glass full of water and add a little bit of the 'up or down' to dillute it, then add it to feed.

    I have a new idea for the shed im in at the moment too. When i get some better pics im going to post, and post my idea.

    Thanks for all the help you guys, you rock GC!

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