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  1. Alright fellow blades I no everyone hates it when ppl ask what piece to buy but altho I've been a daily cannabis consumer for about 6 years I've only vaped a handful of times.
    Anyways was going to get a new bong but I feel like I need a good at home vape! I've smoked 3 vaporizers a cheap ass easy vape (reason I didn't like vapes for so long) a vapir one and a volcano. My dudes volcano is what got me on vaporizers and I would reallylike one w a bag setup.
    Also one thing I want to avoid it is the light whispy hit vapes seem to give sometime.

    So I guess in conclusion
    -preferably a bag setup. Not required
    -most likely a desktop model vs portable
    -thicker clouds than say an MFLB
    - and id like to keep it under 200

    Anybody w some models that come to mind? I've always been a glass guy so I'm very new to this and don't really know where to look!

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  2. Being that you're a glass guy and ya want super thick tasty hits without getting wispy vapor, I suggest that you get the LSV and hit it through your glass.    It then becomes an all glass vapor path with some of the thickest, tastiest vapor on the planet.
  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I like the way you think :) id never even thought about going that way. I had kinda narrowed it down to possibly an eq vape but I reall like the idea of hooking it up to my pipes. Any other models like that??

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    If you plan to vape through your bong, the three vapes that provide the cleanest, glass on glass air and vapor path are:
    The LSV
    The Cloud
    The VripTech

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