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Newbie to getting stoned and Grasscity!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Little Tokes, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. #1 Little Tokes, Aug 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2011
    Hello there! Little Tokes here. ;D

    I'm new to the community and the pot-smoking community... (I've smoked for less than 6 months; and only on occasion.. looking to make it a little more regularly.) I have an online friend from a WoW Private server sorta coaching me though everything as well as 1 IRL friend I see every so often.

    Tomorrow (Monday) I was SUPPOSED to buy 25$ worth of bud. My friend called me and told me my dealer's mom would be home and we had to push it up a day. So lame... I was really looking forward to smoking and playing Video games.

    So I have a question:
    Is $5 USD for .5 grams an okay price? It's "greenish golden" looking bud, from what I have been told. (No, I haven't seen it myself... Once I buy it I'll be taking pictures.) He's the only dealer I could get a hold of in my area and I've never bought weed myself before. I'm a total newb, I know.
  2. I think you meant $5 for .5 grams, if that's the case then yeah that's a good price for anything other than bad weed...but I'd at least buy a gram or so. You will be surprised how fast it goes.

    Oh and welcome!
  3. Depends on where you live. Prices vary.
  4. Welcome to smoking and to GC! And I lol'd at the fact that your name is so close to mine
  5. $5 for .5 gram is nice to me, .5 runs for 10 here in north jersey. Which sucks but thats life, photos of the bud would be nice to determine if your getting dank or mids. Enjoy the bud.
  6. This town aint big enough for the two of us....actually on second thought, it probably is. Welcome to the community. :smoke:
  7. welcome to GC!

    hope u have a good experience my brother.

  8. Err yeah, grams. Haha. Show's how newbie I am.. x_x;

    Like I said I'm buying $25 worth so that's 2.5 grams. Think that's good enough for 2 maybe 3 people? My fiancee and I plan on smoking together and maybe my best friend if he's up to it.

    I live in Florida, about an hour north of Tampa.


    Haha it is close to yours! XD
    I picked my name after watching "Totally Baked", the footage of "Different Tokes" gave me the inspiration for mine.

    I'll post some when I can tomorrow. :D

    Hahaha. ^_^ Thank you!

    Thanks for the welcome! And I'm a chick. ;3
  9. Welcome my sister! If you have a lot of beginners questions I'd be happy to help! Feel free to pm me!
  10. Have fun here, expect to get a lot of +rep because of your vagina!
  11. Sounds like you got a good dealer man

  12. Hehe thank you! I'll keep it in mind~! Is there any way to add friends on here? :D

    XD Seriously?
    Are there not a lot of stoner females?

    If it's a good buy, I suppose so! From what I was just told his prices won't be stable since he's just selling to me at the same price he buys from his dealers.
  13. $5 is a good price where I'm at... but it goes fast and you'll want more. If its harder for you to get... buy more while you can so you dont run out
  14. In my personal experience, I've met a lot of chicks who smoke, but generally I seem to think that there are overall more male stoners. When I meet women who happen to smoke, it's only because I ask because I smoke, so that's always one of the first things I talk to women bout when I meet them. I've had one girlfriend who smoked, but unfortunately we never got to smoke together :(


    Welcome to grasscity! :bongin:
  16. That makes two of us! Ooooo the similarities lol
  17. First off, don't buy from teenage dealers. Second, yes, that is a good price. Third, welcome to the city. :smoke:
  18. 10 dollar's a gram, that's pretty good
  19. It's a skinny doob. If someone offered me a skinny little doob for five bucks I'd probably buy it for the hell of it. At those small amounts, you're really just buying a bowl off someone for whatever you can part with. What's five bucks to you? A lot? Then I'd want assurances that it's good stuff, otherwise, save up another $5 and buy better stuff. If five bucks isn't that much to you, then why not? On the smaller end of the scale, I'd rather have weed than money :)
  20. sup brotha,

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