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    Well let me start off by saying I don't know much about the whole process. I know there are guides etc. for beginners, but am still lost. I don't grasp the whole different lights, and stages. So, I need some serious help and tips if I am to have any success.

    Here is what I do have. I have a 400w metal halide system, and ordered some feminized seeds.

    I am going to try and do this in a bedroom not a closet. I have to figure out a way to mount the lighting system and also enclose the plants (maybe surrounded by tall cardboard??

    I've started plants before, but never knew what I was doing. I usually mix soil with nutrients and put a seed in at the top, let it sprout and the growing begins.

    I guess I have a lot of questions. Through the whole process can I get away with just using the metal halide lamp?? Also, instead of just putting a seed in a planter and letting it grow is there a different way I should do it?

    Can I stick with one light cycle, like a 12/12?? As far as nutrients where can I find the right stuff? (if you can put a link that wold be great.

    I am sorry and hope I don't make anybody mad for posting this, just trying to get something decent going without having to continually sacrifice time and money over and over again.

    This is the first time I'm going to use feminized seeds, and try it indoors. I'm not looking for the biggest baddest buds yet, just trying to get some period.

    I've always just used natural sunlight outside, and the plants always turned male and were tall and lanky.

    Any advice from the start of this grow to finish would be awesome. Like I said most of the guides confuse me, and I just want some success.

    I am also trying to stick on a tight budget. Any recomendations for soil, and nutrients that are cheaper bud good??

    Best regards,
  2. High there, my my you do have a lot of questions and much more reading to do. Check out the grow journals section and find a setup which would suit you.
  3. I don't have privileges to access that section =(

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