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Newbie That Needs Help Toking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by badger815, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I'm a major newbie to toking. Only smoked a handful of times, and that was with my cousins in Delaware (I live in NC), when I lived with them during spring break. None of my friends smoke either so I have zero connections. I don't look like a pothead either, so idk if going up to people that look like stoners is a good idea because they'll probably be suspicious. So how do I get hookups?

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    Your options kind of depend on your age.
    I've found asking someone "Hey man, do you smoke?"  A non-weed smoker will assume cigarettes, and will answer yes or no.  A weed smoker will generally ask "Smoke what?".  If they answer with the latter, say weed and that you're completely dry and trying to find some dank.
    Best places to do this are at bars, but if you're not 21 that's a little difficult for you.  If there are any headshops around you, you could see if anyone around there is willing to help you out - but frankly, if I was asked for a hookup outside a headshop, I'd probably tell the person I didn't know what they were talking about :p
  3. terpsnation makes good points, OP many weed smokers when asked if they smoke will respond with "smoke what?" as if to say i dont smoke cigs, but i smoke something... :bongin:  you could also go into a head shop and try to meet some cool people who also toke.  everytime i go in a headshop theres people there buying spoons or looking at bongs or getting papers.  many times when i leave the store i talk to the people.  you could try this. start by talking about a purchase you made or want to make. just make conversation most weed smokers are chill people. who knows, you could find a hookup and meet some new people in the process.  this would be my advice if none of your friends or anyone you know smokes. 

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