Newbie romulan grow in stinkbuddies aero system

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  1. So i have 3 stinkbuddy veg systems under ~400W flourescent light. 5 romulans and 7 random hybrids/ probably bunk but they were $1 each. hopefully i can keep this thread updated with my progress and you guys will be nice enough to give me helpful tips along my journey :)

    so how do they look now? started them from seeds about 3 weeks ago. they took quite a while to pop, i think it was the cold temperature. and they are different heights because they all popped at different times.

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  2. Lower the lights man. If that's all u got after three weeks you're doin somethin wrong.

    In the mean time I'd recommend savin up like 100-150 bucks for a 400w. Cop one off craigslist but make sure it's got holes for air cooling. If it's really that cold tho u can run it without an inline fan and temps will probably go back up to normal if not a little hotter.

  3. well like i said it took a while for them to sprout. almost 2 weeks. theyve only been exposed to light for maybe 1.5 weeks.
  4. Took some new photos today. Lowered the lights a few days ago. How does it look? Some leaves are twisting strangely but I'm not sure if it's under their own weight or what. They don't look did colored or anything. Just big. And this is my first grow so I don't know what to look for except yellowing and drooping

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