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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Fysal, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, so I finally decided to start growing
    I'm preparing to buy seeds and all the other stuff I need and I was thinking
    At first I thought about growing in a PC case but then I realized I have a roof
    so I wanted to ask what do you think about growing on the roof?
    If you want pics of the roof i'll get some.

    I thought about growing in a pot on my roof cause there are lots of pots there and I can keep the plant between them

    Also I wanted to know if I can do something so they won't grow too tall and start flowering earlier

    Thanks :smoke:
  2. Rooves get just as hot as Roads... You'll fry the plants if your not carefull, they'll not only be exposed to greater tempretures, but greater wind speeds on a roof.

    maintenance is going to be a bitch on your grow, and the plants will be highly visable.

    I'm sure there are people that have had successful grows on thier roofs... but i'm sure theres more people that have failed than actually been able to harvest ;)
  3. Well maybe you can help me
    I really want to grow but I live with my uncle and I don't think he'll allow me to risk the house, he almost got caught once
    I live in a city and I don't really know any good areas around to grow in
    Also it is VERY hot here in Israel during this time
    What are my options?
  4. Guerilla grow, far from your friends and family, using an Autoflower varienty that will grow quickly, and won't attract much attention.

    I don't know if your country has abundant sources of water, creeks and springs etc (forgive my ignorance).
    If you can find a source of water, isolated from human contact than an Autoflower grow could be timed so that you can plant the seedling, check once or twice on it, and then harvest. They normally have a well documented grow time, eg 8 or 9 weeks from seedling.
    The less contact you have with the plants the less likely you are to be cuaght, and it wont jeopardise your family or yourself asmuch as growing on your roof would.
  5. Thanks but I don't have any water sources around here, this country's pretty dry :\
  6. Unfortunatly that means that you'd have to rely on carting water to your plot daily, or using a camouflaged reservoir that you refill once a week/fortnight.

    Although it would be alot easier with autoflowers than with regular sized plants, the added contact hours mean an increase in risk of detection.
  7. Thanks for all your help
    I think I'll grow indoors, maybe a grow box or something like that
    Have a good day bro

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