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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SexPistolStoner, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Maybe this is the wrong forum,but here are my questions.Keep in mind that I don't know shit about growing anything.You tell me if I should ask elsewhere:

    Question 1:I have looked online for lighting systems that don't cost alot but are efficient.One person on told me about this one deal online, but I don't have a job yet and if I had wanted it I would have had to bid for it(it was on fuckin ebay).So i was wondering if you guys could tell me what the average price was for an HPS light that will be sufficient for 4 plants?

    Question 2:I probably should have asked this first, but here goes.I am going to be growing 4 plants as I said previously.I am going to plant 2 Chronic plants and 2 Red Hair Skunk plants.I am growing 2 of each in case I screw up with one.My question is how many HPS lights will I need for these 4 plants?

    BTW:My growing space is 130x130 inches and has a height of 120 inches.

    Thanks you guys!
  2. first thing you should do is get comfortable, get all your materials together, bong, blunts, munchies etc... sit back and start reading a grow guide. im not going to post a link, but the search button in the top right corner should be of some help. after reading a grow guide, read it again, and again, and maybe a couple more times after that. you also can go to the journals which most are from seed to harvest. this should also shed some more info.

    but to be nice and not discourage you, what you are trying to grow would benefit under 1 250watt hps, but will do better under a 400watt hps. as long as you can get about 50 watts per square foot, youre good. you will find a 250 is not much cheaper than a 400, which can run anywhere between 100.00 bucks to 275.00 and up, depending on where you get it. good news is you have time to save for an hps if this is the route you choose to go. you can start off vegn with cfl (compact floros) will run you a couple bucks a piece and will give you up to 5 weeks before you need the hps if you choose to get it for flowering.

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