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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JesusFreak, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. I would like the help by having these questions awnserd

    1. do clones stay the same height as they were cut?

    2. how long does it take clones to flower?

    3. about how tall will the stem be when the leaves apear?

    4. am i correct that plants dont need light intill it has leaves?

    I will post more on this thread when more come, i know im forgeting to ask somthing
  2. an exact genetic replica of the plant from which they were cut. They have the potential to grow just as well as the Host plant as long as the environment is the same for both.Most people clone from females in order to get only female plants. With the absence of a male plant the females remain unpollenated and are thus "Sensimillia" or "without seeds"...that is what the average homegrower is after...high quality seedless marijuana. Many things can effect the outcome of your crop. Proper feeding,no overwatering,proper time in veg and bloom cycles and plenty of light are the keys to enjoying a healthy and heavy harvest.
  4. what i mean is when the seedling sprouts, what avrage hight do the leaves sprout out?
  5. its the leaves that push there way out of the soil followed by the stem. the stem grows anything from a few mm's to over an inch depending on conditions. 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch is normal. any taller and ther might b a heat or light problem that the seedling is trying to over come.
  6. The first leaves that come out are the cotyledon. They are not serated. The first 'true' leaves are the one's JesusFreak might be referring to. Usually, a couple of inches goes by before you can see the whole true leaves sprouting out of the cotyledon.:)

    You don't want them to stretch. Having a fan on them , if indoors, is a good way to promote healthy stem growth. No wind, and you got a flimsy stem that will fall over as soon as the leaves get big. NO GOOD.:(
    This is a Pink Purple Kush bud--->

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