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  1. Well, I want to start my grow soon and I have a couple questions about seedlings. I have some rockwool cubes and a I have couple seeds. Question long do I wait to transplant the cubes to the system...and, do I keep them in the cubes or very carefully take the roots away from the cubes to plant them in the clay balls? What nutes are the best and what nutes should I stay away from. First time grow...I had a couple soil grows that went south because of my job at the time but now I'm trying hydroponics as a new hobbie.

    Also, any other beginner tips on pH levels or anything else a first time hydroponics grower should know please feel free to shoot them my way. I could use all the help I can get.

    PS sorry is some of the words I used were not correct, please correct me if I'm wrong, thanks.
  2. Greeting sir, figured I'd drop on in to give you a little assistance.

    Firstly, no need to remove the roots from the rockwool. Once the roots are established in the cube you then can move it into your system. Many blades here will go ahead and do so without established roots, but only because of experience in doing so.

    Just keep it moist and not sopping wet or it will suffocate and possibly die. Once roots set in put a layer of hydroton (clay balls) into the netpot and set the cube containing the plant into said netpot, and gently cover the cube completely with the hydroton.

    As far a nutrients, you could start with General Hydroponics Micro and Bloom using the lucas formula or find another line and use their feeding chart. Just be careful as most charts may be a little too high for most plants and starting at 1/4 strength is always a safe bet.

    Also, what kind of hydro setup do you have? DWC? Ebb and Flow? Aero? Do tell sir. As it will help us out in assisting you further. As will the lighting setup and space that your using.

    Lastly, have a read through this thread here. Full of great beginner info on hydro.

    Have fun sir, grow on!
  3. Seeds germ, into the rockwool they go.

    Then I move the rookwoll cubes to the 'system'....

    But until 3rd set...I just hand water with RO water...maybe a bit of Cal+Mg. I simply pour the water onto the cube, when I get my 3rd set I finish filling the net pots with hydroton.

    Once I get the 3rd set, I fill the res with 25% solution, and start counting weeks:D

    Hope that helps.
  4. You still havnt said what 'system' ur using.
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    Not sure the system exactly, it's made by MegaGrow, thats all I know. It's in storage right now and I will let you know as soon as I get my hands on it. Maybe I can find a pic online, sorry about the delay, I've been busy the past couple days, but thanks for the advice. Greatly appreciated HydroMac.
  6. This is exactly what I'm using, but with white pots, which doesn't matter at all, and I don't plan on using all the pots, maybe just 3 or 4. Hope I answered your question.

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  7. 15 pots, 8 gallon reservoir....I was actually thinking of starting ith some basic herbs first just for a test run, maybe some basil or spearment. If you guys have anysuggestions about small herbs that are easy to expirement with shoot them my way, open to any new ideas. Plan on going to the garde shop tomorrow to pick out some things.
  8. Shit, I forgot to mention my lighting, I have 4 long flours that came with the kit, not sure what lumens they put out, I'll search the net a little and see if I can find something similiar.
  9. That looks like the pots are way to close together. During veg they don't need much room. But during flower they bush out. They will need more room
  10. "if" one was going to grow with Dutch, SeaOfGreen, they are not to close. Just need to trim all the side branches.

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