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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BLmoney, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. I got some questions

    1. How much water should I use and when?
    2. How much light does the plant need?
    3. When will the seeds start growing through the dirt?(I germinated the seeds and the sprouted a little)

    Below are some pics of my grow setup...could someone tell me what im doing wrong

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  2. After germination,,,It can be several days ,,up to 2 weeks depending on growing conditions/strain before a sprout appears above soil,,,soil should be moist,,,not soaked.

    Once sprout appears it should be placed under flourescent lighting,,,keeping sprout approx 2 in. from tubes.

    Water only when topsoil appears dry ,,,,never overwater..

    Sorry,,,,but I cannot get anything from that pic....try to get a larger image..

    hope this somewhat previous posts....much has been covered...maybe a question you have is answered there...if not know where to post.....good luck

  3. If that is a foot locker, it would probably suffice for starting your seeds but I would definitely put some flouro tubes in there. When the time comes to flower, you will not want to do it in there it may be a little tight. Also make sure you have enough ventilation so the babies can breathe!

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