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  1. Greetings everyone!

    First of all, I would like to ask for your help. I've never grown anything but due to high prices and low quality products on the market, and scarce availability I was thinking to grow my own :)

    Till now, I've read many guides and things regarding indoor growing. However I have still many questions, actually more and more questions as I read more.

    Some basic info you should now before the questions:

    1. I would like to do indoor growing (outdoor is also a possibility, however I can not visit my plant/plants only one time/2 weeks, which I suppose is not the best option).

    2. Purpose: recreational use. I need only for myself, according to my experience, let's say 0.5 oz/month (~15gram/month) would be enough for my consumption. I don;t need more at all.

    3. Budget: My whole budget can not exceed 200-250 euro, this should cover everything from 0. Seeds, tent, equipment etc. I know it is not much, but as I mentioned before, I don't need more than 1 oz/2 month.

    4. Grow Medium: Grow tent/box

    4. Space, security issue. I would (must, because of not other option) grow in my bedroom, however, not even my roommate can expect it. So, the grow tent have to be as small as possible,let's say not bigger than 2 PC cases.

    So these are my basic info and also my "barriers" in some point.

    Secondly, taking into consideration my needs and possibilities mentioned above, it is even possible to make this happen?

    If yes, here are my questions, issues:

    1. Number of plant to produce ~1 oz/2 in months. ( so 2 , 2.5 oz in 4 month harvest would be sufficient also)
    2. Full Grow tent kit for this purpose. If you have any suggestion. If not, how much light, what kind of light and other equipment will I need to produce the mentioned quantity.
    3. Smell. Smell could be an other problem. I know I can use carbon filters, but myself being a person with 0 mechanical skills, a tent with installed carbon filter would be the best choice.
    4. Space. As mentioned, I need the smallest possible space. What is the minimum size, tent size in order to get 2 oz/4 month. Can I get it from 1 plant? Or do I need 2. The thing is that I need the smallest place possible.
    5. Strains. Type of strains which is not smelling so hardly and even a newbie like me can grow it successfully.

    For now, these are my questions, barriers and info.
    I know it is a bit too long, and maybe many of you don't have the time and mood to read it, but I head that on this forum I'll find the right persons.

    Anyway, I hope I will get the answers and I can start my new hobby :)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. In my opinion it's impossible to grow without your roommate from noticing. Without a carbon filter they will smell it, with a carbon filter they will hear it. Also, they will see the tent.

    This aside, a small cheap 300w LED should give you a couple of oz every 3 months if you don't have any significant problems.

    A tent of 60cm x 60cm x 150cm would be a good size. Cheap fans are very loud and cheap carbon filters don't work, so make sure you get good quality brands of these. I will only use Systemair fans and rhino pro carbon filters but I don't know if these brands are available in your country.

    Tents don't have installed carbon filters, they have to be hung up at the top with a fan sucking air through it and blowing it out of the tent. It's very straightforward to hook them up with ducting

    Grow one plant at a time, in a 15-20 litre pot filled with 70% compost soil and 30% perlite. Most soils will have enough nutrients while vegging, but you will need to add more when flowering as they will be used up

    Get a strain that you want to try, growing difficulty doesn't really vary between strains and they all stink like hell
  3. If you are handy with wood you can hollow out a dresser... good stealth..

    Does room mate know you smoke? Just tell him it's your dank stash if so...

    Agreed on the mars 140w for $70
    Will yield you 2-3 oz depending

    2 gallon pot is probably best and happy frog soil works great for small quick plants.

    I recommend autoflowers

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