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Newbie Question

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by killer, Jul 18, 2003.


    1. What do I need to know
    2. What will I need?
    3. How long will it take before I can start smoking my babies?


    ps. where is the best place to buy seeds? (i'd perfer some cronic or purple haze)
  2. ok, ijust got some Purple Haze seeds and im new to this, and i was wondering how do i know when i can some the bud? i spen all day reading FAQ andive learned alot, but it would help so much if someone would post a pic of a ready to smoke buy and how it looks before u pic it from the plant.

  3. 1. Quite a lot.

    How to search sites and do some research is a good start.

    Read this

    Read this

    Probably worth reading this too, it's about light

    And this….about fertilisers (not specifically MJ just generally)

    Read through some of the threads in these forums.

    2. Some basic bits and pieces…see above for links to where to find out.

    3. Dependent on grow style you have look at a minimum of 12 weeks from seed for a new grower, given an 8 week flower after 4 weeks of veg.

    For seeds goto Seeds Direct.

    PS *chuckle @ everytime I see the words Purple Haze and Chronic thrown around so lightly as strain names*
  4. do i light my plant 24 hours a day? or 12 hours light and 12 hours dark?
  5. If you'd have read the links provided you would know....24 veg, 12 and 12 flower.

    Roll a joint, grab a cup of tea and get reading 4phuckssake.
  6. read, then read some more........and then some more again, and most of all, learn it...........read the guide under my sig, it will help you......any more questions just gimme a haller, allways willing to help out newbies to get into growing....the more growers in the world, the happier i will be....lol........Peacwe out.......Sid

    ............down here
  7. do you want to grow inside or outside?

    but here are answers to your questions

    #1 you need to know patience

    #2 in the mosts simplest set-up, you need soil, water, and sunlight, and patience.

    #3 it will take you 4 to 5 months before you can smoke.

  8. its gonna be indoor, and i might put a plant outside and leave it alone for a few mounth, just to see what'll happe, cuz i live in a apt complex and i dont have a back yard
  9. do u think it would be good if i give the plante light in the day when im not home, and at night put it outside? to doso ill have to put the plant in my adict, u think if i put a fan in there it would be good 4 7 to 8 hours?
  10. The plant is going to need a solid 16 to 18 hours of direct light a day if you want it to grow, flourish and yield a quantity worth all the time and trouble you will put into growing it. You need to establish a grow set-up with lights for the 18 hours a day. The other 6 hours the plant needs to be in complete darkness or it could go hermaphroditic on you or never ever flower. The temps need to be a constant 70 degrees, give or take a bit so that may rule out any attic in the summer months.
  11. can i use 2 100watt bulbs intead of getting a 200 watt setup, they cost alot

  12. they cost a lot cus ther worth it!

    i take it u mean hps lights and not just a normal house 100w bulb compared to a 200w hps.

    u can grow with 2 100w hps lights, u cud grow with just 1 100w hps but 99% of the time the more light the better.

    how many plants r u growing? u make it sound like just 1. a 100w hps wud b ok 4 that, i grow haze quite a bit and cus it takes so long to flower most of the time i start the seeds under 12/12 light and harvest after 12 weeks from the day the seedling 1st breaks ground. last time i grew some "purplehaze" that way it was some of the best smoke iv ever had anywhere ever.

    good luck with the grow
  13. imthinkin of growing 2 plants. i want to start out small. i was thinkin of buyin a grow box from http://www.thegrowbox.com
  14. iv just had a quick look at the link, i dont think they wud b any good 4 growin mj.

    wrong size, crap venting, all the light escapes etc etc.
  15. u know where i can buy a box like that that would be good for weed plants?
  16. build 1. thats wot every1 else does, it aint hard, its a lot cheaper than buying 1 and more stelthy if ppl come into ur house if u have made it out of a wardrobe or a fridge. have a good hunt around the forums, indoor growing has a few good posts and search hippie johns posts or pm him, hes bin planing stelth grow boxs for ages, dunno if hes built 1 yet but he will know where to send u 4 all the info u need. dont let him talk u into building 1 with built in rader or some other daft thing, just keep it simple. oh and if ur gonna grow any kinda haze make sure u got the room 4 it, they do grow big.

    a closet wud b the ideal place!!!
  17. if i use a box should i put aluminun foul around the sides of it? what does i do?
  18. just paint the inside of the box, with a good white paint, works just as well if not better than alu foil........Peace out.......Sid

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