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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by giv3itall99, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone
    Im new to growing weed very new, but ive done some research through guides on the internet and helpful tutorials on this forum, but im still kind of hazy on a part of the growing.
    I just started germinating 2 batches of bag seeds and at first nothing was happening for a good 2 days but then when i woke up this morning to my delight i found 3 had sprouted there tails out of the shell and i noticed more were continuing to follow.
    The part were im hazy on is after planting these sprouts into my pots im wondering wat conditions they need to be put under so that they will sprout the surface. Right now i have them sitting outside soaking up rays from the sun because i figured that was the natural way anyhow, but if this is completely wrong can u post what i should be doing with these sprouts so that they will grow into babies?
    Thanks for your patiences with a newbie, its not that i didnt take the time to read tutorials because i did and many were helpful such as grandpas grow guide and the Low Stress Testing tut which i hope to try on my plants.

    -Thanks for your patiences and suggestions =D
  2. place em into the soil about 6mm down root shoot facing into the dirt with normal conditions for vegging (lights, fan, temp)
  3. put them 1/4 inch in soil, cover with dirt. when they break the soil surface, start putting them under light. if your growin inside, if u have a heating pad put your pots on it (on low), until they are about 1-2 inches tall. roots like to be warm, this will help the roots grow faster.
  4. So jc should i keep them in a dark area til it breaks the surface soil?
    Ive had them sitting in the sun outside for a good 3 hours figuring they would need the light to break the surface?
  5. they dont need light to sprout, its ok to leave them outside, just make sure light cant get to the seed, & the soil stays moist. or just move them in the dark if you perfer.
  6. jc thanks for the helpful tips
    i have another noob question
    i have 3 seeds that have sprouted and broke the surface soil
    should i put them under the 80w fluro i have so that they will grow
    or should i wait til later to do that?

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