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  1. Hi guys and gals. So i bought my first vape catrridge today. Get it home and put it on my subbox mini. Turned the voltage all the way down to 10 take one hit. I turn the voltage up to 18 and i go to take a hit nothing. And my ohms read 9.9. Help....

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  2. Okay...I'm not familiar with much other than subohm stuff, but that seems really high...
  3. Pretty sure that means its open.

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  4. 9.9 means something is wrong with the connection with the coil you are putting in the Kbox. It will flash when you try to heat it up.

    You can try pulling out the pin that makes contact out a little.
  5. is it a thc oil pen you get from the dispensary? like a prefilled cart?

    volts to high. they only work under 4.3v
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  6. This is likely
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  7. Yep thanks guys. I found out the hard way that they dont work with my mod.

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