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  1. My plant has sprouted but the seed shell hasn't come off. It seems to be starting out right. My question: will the seed shell fall off? I feel like its blocking the leaves from the light.

  2. I prefer to give it a few days to fall off on it's own. If and when you do take it off, be very careful. first grow I did just that and the seed leaves stuck to the shell and all I had was a stem sticking out of my neoprene collar. :( It was a sad day.
  3. ya, give it a few days and see if it comes off, if the leaves are having troubles even opening the seed you can give it a very gentle sideways pinch to help, but be very careful not to damage the seedling,
  4. Day three and she's looking fine. Seed finally fell off. Temp reached 89 last night w my PC box all closed up. Added another small fan and it's at 82 all closed up now
  5. looks like she's doin good :)
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    Day 6.

  7. So my plant has started off with 3 leaves instead of 5. The plant is looking super healthy. Started nutes today at 25% strength. Temp is anywhere from 80-84 and humidity is 40-55. Seems to be a good first grow. Fingers crossed.

  8. lookin good
  9. I can see the next set of leaves coming in with 4 leaves instead of 3. Woot woot. Hope this 3 leaf plant turns out decent.
  10. they kinda work there way up, its peobably a 5 point, you will prolly have a couple 5 sets then some 7 sets, and so on and so on, i personally have seen a 16 point leaf before,
  11. Just saw my third set of leaves. It has 5.
  12. yuppers its growing proper then, :D if it is going really good you will have a seven set either next or the next one after that,
  13. Some LST Action



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  15. image-4193888991.jpg

    Show me that vag
  16. She looks beautiful, good job man!

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