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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cbehr64, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. can you grow a sativa plant at the same time as an indica? i know they have different rates of growth i didnt know if you could grow them in the same tent together since i know indicas flower earlier.. or would you just start them on 12/12 at the same time and just harvest the sativa later with no ill effects?
  2. You shouldn't have any problems, just different harvest times. Good luck!:)
  3. Yeah, it can be done but kinda sorta a PITA. General expectations - sativas stretch more (taller), indicas bush out more (wider). The indicas hog all the room, then the sativas look all lonely & the grow pod looks empty while they finish.
    But yeah, it's manageable.
  4. Why would you have any ill effects but as the above said they have different heights. So eventually youll have to raise the lights and while one is tall the other is short but youd be moving the light to accommodate the tall one not the short one.
  5. thanks for the input guys! i was planning on doing one sativa dom, one hybrid, and one indica dom. i didnt think about how the height difference would effect lighting lol if i can get them all around medium height i shouldnt have much of a problem.
    I was thinking female seeds c99 or barneys farm laughing buddha for the sativa, im not sure on what to pick for the hybrid... i want something thats balanced and can be used as an everyday smoke nothing killer strong, for the indica i was thinking sensi northern lights or dutch passion skywalker, but im open to suggestions lol
    thanks again for the input! :D
  6. Or put the shorter plant on a stand or something so the canopy lines up.

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