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  1. How soon after planting would it be ok to apply pesticide fungicide, not planning to do it anytime soon it's only been 3 days since my plant broke soil but wasn't too sure when would be good to give it a bit of protection or not too at all just curious any advice would be great thank you.
  2. Noooooo wait and see... no pesticides..

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  3. At least wait till you have a real pesticide problem before you hit your plants with chemicals you might not need at all. It's better if you can not treat them with anything other than a good environment and lots of love and attention. Just be ready in case something shows up. TWW
  4. OP, read up on IPM, or Integrated Pest Management. Many gardeners choose to treat plants on a weekly basis just to avoid problems in the future - prevention, not eradication. Stick to organic pesticides such as neem oil, essential oils or Spinosad and there's no negativity no only positive results.

    Do the search on IPM.

  5. Thanks guys IL hit the books thanks for the advice

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