Newbie Question (and its about cigs)

Discussion in 'General' started by TooStoned, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. well, been toke'n awhile, but my friend has unfortunatly turned me onto cigs, but i hate cigs as is. i love to smoke anything (basicaly whu im willing to smoke cigs, not to mention no hassle from the law :D) so anyways, i was wondering if i wanna split open a cig, and load up my bong and what knot, is there a way to get straight nicotine, and leave out some of the uneccasary harmful stuff? or is that impossible to do with the naked eye? sorry if its a dumb question, i know nothing of tobbaco :-/
  2. Whoa WHoa slow down there. Don't be hasty about putting tobacco in your bong. Back in my younger dumber days i put some tobacco in a bubbler I had and it took forever to get the taste out. (of course i didnt feel like cleaning it). Tobacco is alright to smoke and all after you blaze but I wouldn't be putting it in a bong if i were you. Just save the bong for some nugs man. If you want nicotine just smoke a Newport or Marlboro Red.
  3. Stop smoking tobacco while you can. I'm about to quit again (after this weekend, I feel some drinking and some nookie coming on). I can feel the difference in my lungs between how I used to be and how I am now. I used to wrestle and run cross country so I had pretty good lungs built up and now they're going down hill.

    But if you must smoke, cigars seem to do it faster. Pipes and pipe tobacco are fun, it's a lighter and airy smoke and doesn't act as quickly. Hookahs are fun with the shisha tobacco. Cigs are about the worst form of it with the most chemicals unless you roll your own.

    now where are my cowboy killers, I need a smoke.
  4. hahah yeah i think im just gonna drop them, they don't even compare to Toke'n

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