Newbie on Closet Grow Room NEEDS HELP!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ant_Da_nee, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. Hi ya'll Im new to the site and all and I was wondering if anyone could give me a really good plan to follow on starting my own closet grow room it 6ft4in long and just under 2ft wide. Could anyone please thuroly explain how to build it and what all I will need so that i can have 4-6 plants.
    Thank You!!!!!
  2. It would be easier to just have you give me the seed than to explain all you need to know to grow good closet herbs. Try google and look under "growing indoor marijuana". You will find several explanations but there's one very detailed which will give you more than enough information on how to set up your room, grow your weed, harvest it, cure it and anything else you may be interested in. It's the article where he states you can use dirt from your driveway if you insist but moisten it and bake it in your oven for a while which will produce a nasty smell as it bakes so stop skimping and spend a few bucks on some soil. I think you'll enjoy the knowledge that person passes on. He's very thorough and you'll get good results.
  3. Beginners guide to growiong indoor marijuana is tyhe name I think...
  4. go to the absolute begging section and read ALL of the sticky threads (the threads perminantly on the top of the forum list)
    heres a good start
    READ READ READ READ READ. then ask questions. we can only help you if you narrow down what we need to help you with. you could have some one type up all the instructions. but you'll never learn unless you read many sources then ask questions

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