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  1. So, I started the process about 2 weeks ago, I germinated one seed ( White Widow) then decided to germinate another (Blueberry - figured if I am using all this extra electricity. Anyway, its week 3 and both plants are about a week of age apart, in a grow tent, CFL vegetation bulb ( about a foot away from plants), seedlings are in a 16oz plastic cups, ocean forest soil- watering every other day. The White Widow looking great, the Blueberry seems to be stretching and growing slower. I know only so much and I need growers advice on how to proceed. I am also concerned about if I should even be having the seedlings at this stage under grow lights and I am beginning to panic. Really hate to lose them. Need guidance please! 20160402_233002.jpg
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  2. your good man little one is a bit over watered but it will be fine....let them get real dry before watering feel the weight when wet and then it should feel like air when its dry..just try not to let them get so dry they wilt
  3. You've got room, bury it up to the cotyledons. The covered stem will grow roots.

    Now your stretchy seedling isnt so stretchy.

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  4. Put fan on low so it will strengthens the stem as it grows.

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  5. Watering every other day sounds like you could be watering too often when it comes to that little one at least. Those two plants will not be drinking the same amount of water, not even close.

    What wattage is your CFL? Unless it's something like 200-300w you should have it closer.

    The larger plant needs to be re-potted.
  6. To minimize stretch put a block under shorty. Try to keep an even canopy.

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