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  1. Hey guys! I've been wondering for a while now and researching nutrients for a couple months. I've seen a lot of videos comparing same plants in same sized containers with just organics or soil and some with different recipes from advanced or gh nutrients.

    The results almost every time seem to be that the plants turn out huge with huge dense buds using nutrients. Problem is a ton of what I read online is people saying nutrients don't do anything, don't use them, don't add them, they're a waste of money ect ect.

    Are they actually worth investing in??

    My nutrient list is the following:

    Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow + Bloom A+B PH Perfect
    D.N.F. Potassium Silicate
    Bud Fuel (For more flowering sites)
    Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

    (And I'm going to order some advanced nutrients overdrive for a month or so before harvest)

    Should I also buy some final phase or just run nutrient free water for a week or 2 before harvest?

    I'm running a 5 site 95L DWC system with 5" net pots and 1 x 4Gal soil-less mix for a Lemon skunk

    All under a 600W hps/mh light kit

    I've used Sensi Grow A+B PH perfect and potassium silicate since they've been germinating in rockwool cubes and they all seem healty. After the first 2 leaves popped (the very first), the leaf sites seem really really well spaced. Mind you I've only got the 3rd leaf set coming in right now.

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  2. I don't know about Big Bud and Bud Fuel together, might be too much.
  3. Bud fuel is used 7-10 days before flowering and forward and big bud is weeks 2-4 of flowering. I`m gonna use bud fuel for probably 3 weeks then switch to big bud @ %30 strength and Bud fuel at probably %10 strength after weeks 2-4 until 3 weeks before flowering. Think this will work out well?
  4. I'm thinking so far the Sensi Grow A+B and potassium silicate at %30 strength is a kickass combo for seedlings and veg. These guys all look happy and health and no nute burns in my DWC or soil. The soil has an even higher concentration of nutes then what I added to the DWC probably 40% or %45 strength and my soil seedling is looking the most beautiful.
  5. Your best bet is to buy a PPM meter so you know exactly how much nutes your giving them and not just going by the label. You usually increase your ppm (nutes) more and more until you harvest. (A week before you should just give plain RO water to flush the plants)

    I use Heavy 16 nutrients and I feel they really get my girls going
  6. So, personally, I think it's going to be better to stick with one brand since different brands may not play well together, as I've heard someone else say.

    Then again, maybe I should try since it seems to be what a lot of folks do.
  7. I'm a big fan of the Sensi line from Advanced. I'm using the pH perfect line and I've had no issues what so ever with burn or pH.

    For veg all I used was the SensiGrow pH Perfect A&B; worked well.

    Now that I've hit flower I'm using the SensiBloom pH Perfect A&B, Big Bud, Rhino Skin and Sensi Cal/mag. All great products.

    Can't wait to start using the Overdrive in a few weeks.

    No experience with the Bud Fuel but all the Advanced products are top notch.

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