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  1. Said I should intorduce myself, so here I am. I had to talk myself out of the typical paranoia in order to get to this point, but it's worth it.

    I used to love pot as a teen, but then I got 'responsible' as I saw it, and for me at the time it was really a casual take it or leave it thing. It is NOT a gateway drug, as the only thing I've ever done or would ever do again is mushrooms. I guess I kinda have a thing against chemical intrusion - I mean, natural products seem somehow more reliable though I know my logic is faulty.

    In any case, I've developed (in my late 20s) some sort of neurological problem that has yet to be diagnosed. It's apparently going to take more time to figure out. But in the meantime besides one medication I've been on, MJ is definitely a huge help for me. Without, I don't eat - it's not that I don't need to, but sometimes I'm either too naseaus, or I just quit getting hungry as if I'm an anorexic that doesn't know it. Vertigo and dizziness are easier to deal with when I can blame it on being high, since I haven't yet found a way to stop it. I get a little more relaxed and more likely to smile or be happy.

    If it were approved for medical use in Alabama, I would be happy as a clam, but I know it's unlikely. And at the same time, I'd be just as happy to find an answer that doesn't include smoking all the time. It's a drain by increasing paranoia, and it's a drain on my wallet and memory.
  2. Enjoy your stay :wave:

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