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  1. I'm using a secret jardin 120. 5inch ruck fan with filter. Have a 250w cfl for propagation and a 600w mh and hps. I'm using the tent for propagation and flowering as I only have room for the 1 tent. Just need a couple of things clearing up. Is it fine to germinate them in the propagtor inside the tent and use a cfl until they come out of the propagator? How long should they be in propagator for? And also should the fan be on whilst they are in the propagator? Tent only has 1 ventilation hole which is 300mm x 200mm is this big enough?
  2. You can put your hot box wherever you want, in your tent, out of your tent, on a window sill, etc, etc; seedlings don't need a lot of light. a small florescent or small cfl is plenty enough. Then once they pop remove them from your hot box because they really don't need all that humidity. No, the extra humidity won't hurt them after they have popped, but I like to get them adjusted to the actual environment they will be living in as soon as possible. As a side note, I I don't every use a hot box to germinate my seeds, I just drop them in old room temperature tea water for 18 hours and then use twisters to place them in their medium smaller end down, leaving just the very top of the seed showing, then I pour 1 tbsp a day over the seed once a day. Then after it flips upward I still give it 1 tbsp a day for the next 3 weeks. Then and only then would I up my water to only what it needs.
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