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  1. Hey guys, so I went and bought a bunch of growing supplies all from different stores I have everything I need I just now need some advice on how to do this. I currently live in a little beach house that I rent I'm looking just to grow 2-3 plants at a time, the only thing is is I'm looking to do this as stealthily and quietly as possible. I have a grown tent but it's way too big to disguise, I'm just looking to grow for my own use because, quite frankly like a lot of people, I'm tired of paying for it and it'll give me pride in what I do as well cause I consider this an art. I have a room in the house to myself not a lot of storage place though. Any tips or ideas on how to do this would be appreciated, thankyou.

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    Hey man welcome to GC, i'm growing in a 3x5 wardrobe at the moment 3 plants would be fine in there with a bit of LST, it's discreet i have a small fan that doesn't make much noise smell isn't a problem either with this strain.
    So what you could do is take the tent out of the equasion get a 3x5 or bigger wardrobe find a discreet place to put it AKA not by a window or in the front room, I'd go with CFL lights low heat low energy discreet, small fan you can grow without carbon filters ect..
    Get indica dominant strains, northern lights is great for a newbie super simple strain to grow, grows short height wont be an issue fairly high yield if you do it right, for 3 plants you'll need at least 400w and you'll want slightly more during the flowering stage, investing in a dual spectrum CFL 400w or 2 200w and then when your flowering maybe stick another 125w red spectrum in to get a bit more light.
    Remeber though you wont be able to disguise this from the people you live with if there are any, it will smell light leaks ect..
  3. Good call on growing your own - you're right; paying for herb sucks and it's very nice when YOU control the quality. You'll find all the basics you need to get going here -

    Like Skunky Monkey said, welcome to GC.

  4. If u want to be stealth, i would do the carbon filter if you can exaust somewhere. As a begginer myself, i chose a low odor strain. And it has been for the most part. HOWEVER, entering week 7 in bloom this week, she smells like the funk! Just lettin ya know good luck and enjoooooy!

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