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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by klopek, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. hi all

    i have read a few guides on how to grow indoors but im not understanding it. it says to buy lights, fans, etc, how am i ment to wire a fan? I need something simple, plug'n play sorta thing :hello: i am thinking of growing in the atic is this a good idea so my parents dont see it. is it possible to grow in a mini fridge becase it has some heat setting?

    so far i think to grow you need a pot, soil, put the seeds in and alight over it. i am probably very wrong plz help
  2. well for a begineer you should start with soil from a local store (preferably not miracle grow)
    take some bagseed or order seed and plant them
    as for lights well if you don't have the money to buy an hps or mh, than go out and buy some CFL's from your local general goods store, (4) 23W 2700 lumens
    get 4 of these for one plant to get started with, than when flowering comes you may want to add more bulbs to avoid stretching......
    nutrients are a latter thing but get some High Nitrogen nutes and High P & K or just K nutes
  3. hey man, if ur tryin to be stealth about it then the attic is prolly not the best place. ur going to have to go up there A LOT! if u have anywhere in ur room thats safe and outta the way that would probably be better. check out my link below here and look at my setup. its in a cupboard under my sink in my room.
    cfl's are the spiral "energy saving" lights u get at home depot. u want to get at least 3-4 for sprouting them (preferably daylight for veg'ing) and probably some floresents too. they say plant and aquarium on them. dont forget the fixtures (same as the ones for blacklights)
    anyway, take a look at mine, as im a first time grower too and see if it helps.:wave:
    ps. u dont have to wire a fan, u just plug it in a wall socket so its blowing over the tops of ur plants so the stem gets strong and they dont over heat.
  4. nah my parents wont suspect the atic they cant even get up there :) so im gonna just buy a pot and any old soil and put the soil in the pot then put the seeds in the soil and try to get some lights over them

    what am i missing? i heard of food or something to give, how often do i need to water them, which type of light 'name' do i look to buy? do i just need to buy one of those heater fans that have a cool setting?
  5. Let me give you a better understanding and a better change of surviving.
    First, consider any consequences, and if you still decide to proceed:

    Fill up two milk jugs with tap water, and let them sit for 24 hours to evaporate any chlorine, this is what youll water with. Youll want to feel the weight of the container when its dry, and when its full, to know when you water. Or you can stick your finger in the soil to test water depth.

    Purchase party cups, or peat pots, (they are cheap) and punch some holes in the bottom for drainage.

    Buy potting soil that has no feeder. Meaning if it says "feeds up to _ months" dont buy it. You dont want any food in your soil at first, because when they are young, they dont need it, and are not strong enough to take it. Just regular old potting soil. If you see any numbers like, 10-20-10 dont buy that, thats the food measurements you dont want.
    If you want to go cheap and stealth, you need to go with CFL's for lights. Compact fluros are cheap, and are only a few inches big. You need fluros with a temperature of 6000K or higher for the beginning stages, 2000K for later on. Youll need atleast 2 per plant.
    Good luck, and keep readin, hope this helped.

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