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  1. when does a person use a fan?my plant is 19inches talljust leaves.
  2. I leave my fans blowing 24 hours a day.At least leave it on when the lights are on.It will help with yield if the plants get constantly circulating air during daylight hours.STOMATA are microscopic pores which are located on the undersides of the leaves. These stomata regulate the flow of gasses into and from the plant. These can get clogged with dust, filmy residues, pollen etc... So it is very important to have air movement to keep these pores clean and free.

    CIRCULATION if the air is completely still, plants will tend to use all of the C02 next to the leaf surface. When this air is used and no fresh air is forced into its place, dead air space forms stifling the stomata, slowing growth. Air also stratifies with the warm air rising and the cooler air settling towards the bottom of the room.. All of these potential problems are avoided by opening a door or window and installing oscillating fans. Air circulation is important for insect and fungus prevention. Mold spores are present in all growrooms.

    VENTILATION an average 10' x 10' foot vegetable garden will use from 10 to 30 gallons of water per week. Where does all this water go? It transpires and evaporates into the air. So basically, gallons of water will be held in the air. If this moisture is left in a small room, the leaves will get limp, transpiration will slow (remember the flow of water through the plant helps keep it erect) and the stomata will be stifled. This moisture mist be replaced with dry air that lets the stomata function properly. A vent fan that pulls air out of the grow room will do the job.

  3. What if I am running co2 in a room that is about 12x14? 4 lights 2 tables?
    right now, my leaves are limp.
    What can you suggest for immediate results?
    They all starting to go limp and it sounds like circulation is my problem. From what I can tell that you just wrote on this last thread.
    Can you help?
    PLease !
  4. i was wondrin if neone in the us has ordered seeds from heavens stairway if so could you plz pm me

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