Newbie needing the lowdown on autos in closet grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Indonewbie, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Hey guys. Indonewbie here.

    Got a walkin closet i prepared for medicine ... Its 4×4 and has an ac vent in it. I figure i can vent the ac to my light to keep heat down . and then vent the heat and stinky air thru my filter and dispurse it into the bedroom attAched to the closet.

    First question is this. After germinTion of my autos do i go directly intp my ocean forest soil and what pots do u re commend?? I havr local hydro store aith reasonable prices... Smart pots? Aero?? Or regular plastic pots with the holes in em??

    2. After i put sprouts in pots do i go Head and start with a 18-6, 20-4, or what u suggezt?? Looking for max potsncy,max yeild obvoiusly. And have heavyweight fast and vast autos germinating as well as dinafem northern lightz. 5 of each. Have 1000w plug and play from amazon. Everything else is at figure tips at local hydro store. They have ff ocean forest for $18 for the 1.5cf bags and happy frog is $20 for the 2.0cf bags.

    Just need a lil advice on whT to get for a good first timer.

    Without breaking the bAnk


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