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Discussion in 'General' started by known_unknown, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. hey guys i'm a newbie when it comes to all this. i've smoked a few joints in the past, got high once. but this was like a year ago.

    anyways i recently just smoked last week with some guy from work,,, i had a few hits, got high but than it felt bad. i ended up puking. he said it was dank that we had been smoking.

    i was just wondering if i should of only taken 2-3 hits, especially since i'm new.

    and what is dank,, i didnt ask him specifically about it.

    i told him just to get some basic weed but he cant get that... he can only get high quality stuff and other things besides weed.

    i told him just get me something close to basic and not too expensive. but hell i dont know what.
  2. If he smokes often he should know someone that knows someone that could get some low grade stuff. Ask him to call around and see if he can find any schwag. That's good when your just starting, cause you get a whole lot more green for you money and it definately gets the job done.
  3. Dank means very good bud. I would buy little amounts from him and all you'll need is a little bit. It should last you awhile too. Just look around on these forums about the basics of marijuana if you need to know. This forum is flooded with info. The search button can be a great source of info.
  4. Yeah, don't be suprised if he can't get low-grade. Anyone who's been smokin' a while doesn't touch that garbage. (If they have access to the dank that is ) I mean if some one can only get low-grade, I feel for them.
  5. yeah he doesnt get anything considered low grade. but since he does get better stuff than that,, what should i get from him, something close to low grade?

    i'll only smoke in a couple of hits. just wanted to know what i should get.

    thanks for the replies too.
  6. fuck that, just get some high grade shit, and only take a couple hits, it will last you longer, and you won't have to smoke as much crappy weed!
  7. just get the high grade and and smoke small ass 1.0 joints (toothpicks) and ull be feelin great...
  8. sounds good.

    its just i dont know what the fuck happened that day. again i'm not an average smoker and i took too many hits off of it.... so i'm thinking that pretty much got me sick.

    do you think i'll be alrigth with smoking small amounts of high grade shit?? last thing i wanna do is trip again.
  9. If it always happens, then you hsould probably stop; but if it only happens once or twice you're good to go
  10. jst dont smoke as much when u smoke nugs, just get a small chillum or somthing that doesnt pack too much weed in so u dont have a high thats too intense
  11. It wont always happen. That happened to me once and it was horrible. But it never happened again. Ive never even came close to that high again in all of my 5 years of smoking. Stick with the dank smoke less, once your tolerance is higher youll be straight. Which shouldnt take too long.
  12. hehe sounds like you just got to high happens some times.

    just get the good bud from him and only take a few hits you'll be good :smoking:
  13. oh and there is another thing i was going to ask about... i was at a head shop the other day and noticed that they had bags of some kind of herbs. like herbal high or something like that.

    what the fuck is that and does it get you high like marijuana?
  14. herbal high does not get high i believe those are the legal high But i dont think they get you high dont know for sure as i never have had those.and since its ur first time smokin expect to puke man alot of my friends puked on their first time and i almost did 2 is just normal anyway 200th post!!

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