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  1. Hi all. Long time follower first time poster.

    Im in QLD Australia. And tried the whole auto during winter time as my first grow...

    Have a look at the following images. My prediction is the plants are almost done not actually sick.

    They are sweet nurse CBD from sweet seeds. In 20 litre pots with run of the mill premium potting mix from the local hardware store.

    I forgot you are not supposed to transplant autos and started them in solo cups . At about 3 weeks transplanted them out.

    Once transplanted their height didn't change and over the last month have just been growing in bud size very minimally.

    So it is cold. I did transplant them and it has been cloudy most of the time.

    I have given them two feeds of seasol which is a seaweed nitrogen source.

    Just after every bodies thoughts pictures start from May 10th up to today July 4th...

    My theory is it was a poor first effort and these leaves are yellowing showing the plant is done as sweet seeds states about 8 weeks seed to harvest.


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  2. And today....[​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Soil looks very dry, how often you feed and how much...i.e til you get run off or just a litre..half litre?, im not familiar with the feed you use...they need more light as much do they get..
  4. You've just fed them twice?
  5. It looks dry but there has been alot of rain where I am ...

    I was watering every 3-4 days at about half a litre.

    As it was raining I stopped watering them trying to keep not overwaterd . They would be getting rain every 3 days.

    The seaweed extract recommends a 20 ml per 10 litres . The first feed at week 5was to specifics and gave each plant out of two 5 litres.

    3 weeks later gave a stronger mix was the same 1 cap ful of 20ml to 750ml of water divided into two pots.

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  6. Also the light cycle would be approximately 11.5 hours.

    Sun is up 6am and goes down 5.30 at the moment.

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  7. You wanna feed them til you got a 20% run off, with autos 20-24 hrs light schedule 18hours at least and you need more than seaweed extract too give them the nutrition they need bro
  8. Haha thanks for the info on the run off. And was assuming I needed more nutrition just didn't want to over do it .

    I guess over doing it you can correct under doing you stunt growth.

    Saying that about autos I'm sure I've seen posts about being able to grow a half decent auto outdoors that's not under a 18/6 schedule...

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  9. Im no sure about autos outside, but if you had used that feeding schedule,'d be looking at bigger better plants I'd imagine bro
  10. Yea fair call brother... All good will try again with some points taken away from this. Cheers

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  11. Very welcome mate.

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