Newbie Micro grower .... my progess so far.

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ecopixie, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Ur girls are starting to look sexy. Hope u get 10 lbs off them lol. But seriously good luck.

    Have u looked into LST scrog etc??

  2. Week 7 and here's some pics ....




    100_2141.jpg .

    I'm planning my next grow at the moment. I've got as far as choosing my next fems... I've chosen Buddha White Dwarft and they arrived this morning... yipeeee.

    I want to keep with the micro spaces.... and thought of a bay window (the underneath bit , where some people use as seating??? What do you think of this space and has anyone tried a similar grow ?

    ecopixie xxx
  3. Just wanted to comment on the lankiness. It could also be due to the distance between light source and plant. The plant stretches if the light source is quite high.

    Nonetheless, looks like you have a very healthy plant and do keep us updated once you start flowering and drying.
  4. Looking good! Are you planning on trying LST or ScrOG on your next grow? That will help with your overall yield but may require some reading and practice! Looks awesome for your first time! Ill be watching ;)

  5. I think the lankiness comes from the hybrid that it is ... if you look at ak47 and lowryder2 traits, you can see where the plants parentage has come from. i can see more ak in one and lowryder in the other. It's my first time ever growing and am planning another grow but in a smaller space. I'm taking it easy , no rush as long as it's set up for around christmas.

    ecopixie xxx
  6. awesome brah

  7. Hello, I am in the same situation as you are ecopixie, totally new in growing the lowryder2 ak47. I have missed counting the days, my bad so I don't know what day they are in but looks like mine are looking good also comparing them to yours ecopixie, just that I gave them nutes one day and the botton leaves turned yellow and eventually fell off, so I stopped giving them more. I ain't bothered about the days anywayz as the end result will show up, but what I would need from you lads is please if someone could advise me what lightscale should I put them on to, they currently are on 18/6 and as I have missed the number of days I dont know if this is fine for it or should I alter it.

    I used normal B&Q compost with two 42watts of florescent floodlights from screwfix, they consume less energy, produce less heat and i assume they are good for indoor growing. First grow is all about excitement and experimenting :D. I know there might be some odds to what I am growing, they might be leggy or growing well but hopefully fingers crossed and I hope they turn out to be good girls:smoke:

    Please advise on what am I doing??? Is it worth it?? Thanks.

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  8. First of da, I would recommend posting your own tread regarding your grow... instead of replying to a post that is over 2 months old.

    Secondly It looks like your plants are quite lanky and thin for being a lowryder strain. Are you keeping your lights only several inches away from the plants?

    To answer your question on lighting the 18/6 schedule is just fine for autoflowering plants all the way through the grow.

    I'm a bit of a noob though, so I'd ask your questions via a fresh posting in the micro subforum.

    Good luck!

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