Newbie Micro grower .... my progess so far.

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by ecopixie, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I know i should've joined this forum once i bought my Lowryders.

    I have to grow in a micro space , i.e , an old wardrobe.

    My set up .. one old wardrobe... 2, 125watt eco lights, blue specrtum as i bought only femseeds. I'm lazy and wanted to get on with my experiment. I also lined the wardrobe with white sheeting. It's the best i can do in my current conditions.

    I transferred them into 5ltr pots with a miracle grow , perlite mix at the 2 week stage.

    I've been feeding them for just over a week and wow .. i can't believe the difference.

    I've been sharing a ltr of carbonated water with 5 ml of bio bloom every 2 days.

    Pics attached show them at 28days old.




    any good sound advice most welcome.

    ecopixie ... peace, love and freedom xxx
  2. They look nice. Are those the lowriders? Are you doing 24/0 ?
  3. Yep.. Lowryder .. easyryder... I'm doing 18/6.

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreicated.

    ecopixie .. peace, love and freedom xxx
  4. Is it me or do they look really leggy for lowryders? All I'm seeing is stems... If you hadn't used feminized seeds, I'd think they were gonna be males... How about some wider pics, showing the whole plant?

  5. Hi there Loki.. thanks for your input. As i said this is my first grow and haven't really seen what they should look like at 28 days. I would agree that 2 look quite tall and lanky but doing what they should be.

    Have attached other wider pics and any advice gratefully recieved.

    ecopixie .... peace,love and freedom xxx 100_2011.jpg




  6. They look really healthy and happy... odd they are so leggy... Can't wait to see them finish.

  7. They are easyriders .. i think the tallest of the autoflowering so maybe that's why they are a bit leggy ??

    thanks for the feedback.

    ecopixie ... peace, love and freedom xxx
  8. Must be, because they really look happy... if they weren't getting enough light, they wouldn't look so good... must be the genetics...


  9. Looks good man Ill def be following your grow since im about to start a similar setup

    Good luck
  10. I'm starting a grow soon as well bro. It seems we are located in the same country as well :)

    Peace out, i'll be bookmarking this to see how it goes!


  11. Today is feeding day for my girls and will keep you posted with updated pics in a weeks time.


    ecopixie ... peace,love and freedom. xxx
  12. they get their leggyness from the ruderalis

  13. ..
    I aint your bro ... am more your sis :)
  14. Ah right then I apologise sister :)! Can't wait for my setup to get here so I can start modifications on it =]. What's the progress Ep?
  15. Hi Guys .. Wow my girls have taken a big leap since the last time updated.
    I'm having trouble uploading the pics. :( .. bummer.

    I'll keep trying cause i hope you'll be impressed with their progress.

    ecopixie... peace,love and freedom xxx
  16. 100_2052.jpg



    The pics were taken 13th Oct .. I'll update with new pics this wed as they will be 6 weeks old and looking rather tasty.

    Ecopixie ... peace,love and freedom xxx
  17. they look really good
  18. you definitely have a greenthumb :)

    they look great. :hello:
  19. hey eco, nice plants. You're definately doing something right, they look healthy.

    I wonder though about the size of your leaves. They seem a bit broad, from what I've read that is bc there is too much moisture / humidity and so the leaves grow larger for more surface area to get rid of moisture. The only reason this is bad for you is bc it means less bud.

    Otherwise, awesome job.
  20. Thanks for all the feedback, it's much appreicated. This has been a learning curve and i'm sure my next grow will be bigger and better.

    Here's what my girls look like at 6 weeks.

    ecopixie ... peace, love and freedom xxx 100_2062.jpg






    Potters off to contemplate what fem seeds to use on her next grow....hmmm...

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