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Discussion in 'General' started by Geefunk, May 5, 2006.

  1. First time poster so sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    From the uk.

    My bud man is goin home for ages and says that he will mail me weed if I need it, but I am a bit worried about doing this.

    I would be getting mailed about a quart.

    I was thinking although he aint got a vacuum packer he could wrap it tightly in cling film, wrap it in newspaper and put it inside one of those bubble wrap lined envelops, sent it to my house only under a false name.

    Would this be too risky?

    Anyone done something similar?

    The postal distance is about 200miles.

    Any tips/advice are much appreciated:smoke:
  2. No way in hell I'd do it. Atleast not that amount with out being vacuum sealed.
  3. it is abit dodgy aint it.

    Im not sure how the postal system works you see.

    Most of the posts i see here are American based.

    Im not sure we have sniffers in the uk at postal depos.

    There are no borders etc. that the mail needs to pass through.
  4. Ive gotten some sent to me twice. It can vaccum sealed and wrapped in lots of newspaper and some other bags and stuff. It worked completely fine.
  5. what about if it aint vacuumed mate? if its taped up really well and packed with loads of paper.

    Obviously aint gonna send it to my real name so if it gets intercepted I aint implicated.

    Ive had a little bit of soap bar sent before (only 2/3spliffs worth) and its been ok.

    This is a bit different though.

    What about if it is wrapped and stuck something i.e. small shampoo bottle.

    Dont think the package will get scanned as it will only go to local postal depos
  6. as long as you can cover up the smell. maybe try emptying out like a deoderant stick and putting it in there. i dunno, if it was me, i would try and disguise it as something other than a ball of newspaper...
  7. thanks for the advice. im going ofline now.

    Will think about it.

    cheers for the advice.

    anymore will be appreciated.
  8. i've read somewhere that if you wrap it with a 5-10 bags that have never touched the bud it holds smell better because there is absolutely no marijuana material on the bag.

    like, wrap it up once. then wash your hands, and wrap it again, and again and again.

    also, if he sends you a can of coffee grounds with a quad in it, there isn't a chance in hell anyone would be able to sniff it out.
  9. here is how you send pot, thanks mom! (She's been doing it since before alot of the people on this forum were born)

    FIRST wash your hands thoroughly. Why? it's a good habbit to be in. Plus you're gonna wanna have clean hands when you touch a fresh bag. Put you bud in the first bag, try to use the tightest fitting bag you can. Once you have that, wash your hands, and then take one of those huge 3 gallon ziplock baggies and fill it up with caeyene pepper. put the weed bag inside of the caeyene pepper. You can do it again if you're realy anal but that should surfice. She rolled them up and put them in an ornamental clown.
  10. ''She rolled them up and put them in an ornamental clown.'' Thats hilarious.
  11. true story man. My sister called my mom to thank her for the clown and she was like "You didn't open it up?"
  12. BUMP

    Sorry to bump this thread but from your tips i think im gonna try this.

    Step 1 - Tightly wrap and double bag the 1/4

    Step 2 - Place the wrapped and bagged 1/4 inside an empty bag of Crisps

    Step 3 - Half fill the Crisp bag with coffe granuels

    Step 4 - Seal the Crisp bag with sellotape/supper glue

    Step 5 - place the crisp bag/coffe gans/ 1/4 inside a brown, bubble wrap linned envelope and get it mailed under a fake name to my address.

    Anyone think this wil be ok?
    Any help is appreciated:)
  13. Anybody there?

    Sorry to be impatient.

    Any suggestions/opinions/comments
  14. haha i think you got it down man
  15. should be fine :)

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