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Newbie looking for tips

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flashpipe, May 10, 2010.

  1. Well, let me tell my story. 4 years ago, my brother asked me if I wanted to smoke. Him being the man to me, I said, hell yeah. So, we went down the road, and lit up. That month I got high 3 more times with him, then he moved out. I didnt smoke for another year, then I started smoking a g every weekend for a few months, then stopped for almost another year. Now I've been smoking about an 1/8 every month ( so not much at all, but I also have a really low tolerance ).

    Before I smoke, I go through my bag and find stems to chew on to help me get my buzz going.

    I dont have a bowl, because I dont want to get caught with it. So, what I normally do is, carve out an apple, then stick a screw driver right down the middle so I can have a carb. Then I take a piece of aluminum foil ( not tin ) and poke a bunch of holes in it with a tack, then push it into the apple so it has nice round sides. I put a small bud in it, and sprinkle a bit of keif on top. I exhale deep before, then inhale again, then exhale again. Thats when I light, and take my hit. Just as I'm finishing my hit, I let off, take some more fresh air in with my hit, and swallow hard. One BP usually gets me pretty ripped ( Yes, I know. Very low tolerance ).

    Does anyone have any tips as to making bowls without getting caught. Tips to inhaling or shaping the bowl head for the best hit, or the best way to pack it. Maybe just general tips.

    I'm also looking for some answers on how to come down from a high faster. I've had some pretty shi**y highs, and I've gotten pretty depressed and started wishing I wasn't high anymore. So, any ideas for keeping a positive mood or to come down from a high faster would be great. Thanks in advance. :smoking:
  2. What I would do is make a waterfall bong here is a link [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame] They are pretty stealth since you can hide the cap somewhere and the bottle elsewhere. plus they get you really high.
  3. Buy a pipe? :confused_2:

    Also, chewing stems will do nothing for you, but I do it sometimes because they can be tasty if it's good herb. I also use them as toothpicks and have also peeled the fiber off of the and used it as dental floss :D

    EDIT: As for your other question, it's really all in your head. Taking a nice shower can help refresh you if you're feeling burned out though.

  4. word man

    but definatly buy a pipe man.....everybodys got one :D a nice glass one will you do lots of good conserving your weed and gettin you high
  5. Thanks. I'll try it tonight.
  6. :hello: Worked like a charm haha
  7. You blazed?
  8. Sounds like it. and as OSG said that it is in your head, that is not entirely true. Try a shower or a nap but sometimes if your bored and high it's fuckin lame, drink lot's of water all the time.

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