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Newbie Looking for Feedback

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Grassea, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hello - first time poster. I've been an extremely casual, social smoker most of my life (1-2 times a year) but have recently wanted to get a bit more into the deep end. I purchased an Arizer Extreme Q and I just have questions about if I'm using it in the most efficient way. I don't know anyone to ask so... here I am.

    I still don't smoke much at all in one sitting. One good hit is what I'm looking for. I read on some other review and faq sort of sites that a good way to use the Arizer is to pack the screen, not the glass bowl, which supposedly lets you get away with using less in a session and getting a more consistent performance.

    So this is what I've started doing:
    1. Grind enough herb to pack the screen. I haven't done this enough to get a consistent weight measurement for how much I'm using, but it's definitely less than what I'd been guessing at for the glass bowl.
    2. Set the temp for 375 and let it preheat for 10 min or so
    3. Connect the whip with the packed screen
    4. Use fan speed #2 and draw.
    I usually do get a pretty good, consistent hit for a single draw. But here's where I start having questions.
    1. I usually only take one hit, turn it off, and remove the whip with the screen still in it, planning to use it again. Is this bad? Is "heating" and then "cooling" and then "heating" your weed super bad practice? I can't imagine it's 'good', but not sure how bad it is.
    2. If its okay to get away with this, how many times/sessions can I squeeze out of one packed screen? knowing there are certainly variables at play, is it more of a personal judgement thing - like if it's working it's still good? :)
    3. Does this 'age' the week more quickly, or degrade the quality in any way that makes subsequent sessions worse?
    I have noticed that no matter how much or how little I smoke, I tend to get a 'weed hangover' the next day, most likely due to poor sleep. Pretty frustrating, personally, but oh well. I haven't figured out if it's a certain strain, if it could have anything to do with how this vaporizer works, or if it's how I've been trying to stretch out my weed as described. Maybe I'm making it old / rancid / shitty and it's causing more negative side effects? More research needed. ;)

    Sorry for a bit of a ramble, but thanks in advance to anyone who would like to share their thoughts, opinions, suggestions, etc.

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