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Newbie Looking For Advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ram0123, May 30, 2013.

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    I am thinking about trying marijuana for therapeutic reasons, I have a very busy schedule, and have trouble relaxing in my little free time that I have (i would like to treat mild insomnia as well). I have some questions on how I should take it my first time. I have regrets about joints, pipes and bowls, because Im not a huge fan of smoking, and I exercise a lot so I'd rather not have to worry about carcinogens(not sure this is even something I should worry about, just something that I came across when I was doing some research).Are glass bowls/pipes and joints roughly the same thing(when it comes to carcinogens and the high?). That really only leaves vaporizers and edibles. The thing with vaporizers is that they are very expensive, so If I try it and I don't end up liking it, im going to be out a couple hundred. Are edibles ok for first time? I understand that they are a different high, but im not exactly sure what the real difference it.

    thanks for the advice, and please don't hesitate to correct me on anything i have said above, because i don;t really know what im talking about.
  2. no because you need a good amount of weed for edibles unless u make firecrackers which taste like shit and just have a bowl off a cheap bong and u will save money and if u like weed then buy a vape the mflb is only 120 and is very good when u get the hits down right
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    Sorry I'm not actually making the edibles, a friend of mine knows a guy and from what I heard its only like $15 for 1 (and that I only really need 1/2)
  4. I had edibles for my first time.  You should be fine as long as you do it around some friends who know what they are doing.
  5. Ha I was actually planning on trying it with someone else who has never done it either, is that not a good idea?
  6. You should be fine. It's not like you're taking shrooms. ^_^ Me personally, I don't really care for edibles unless I run across a few 5-800mg cookies at a local dispensary due to my high tolerance. But if you've never been high before, eat it in moderation. There IS a such thing as too high when it comes to edibles. Enjoy!
  7. Thank you for be honest about not knowing whats going on. I suggest you try all three and then decide for yourself. Good luck!!
  8. To avoid over spending I'd go with the 15 dollar edibles, just be careful, it's very possible to have a bad experience on edibles, especially if it's your firs time. So dont eat too much and be in a pleasant environment.
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    Don't do edibles your first time around. It's hard to get the correct dosage, especially if you don't know the strength of your edibles and have never tried cannabis before, you'll just end up really tired and go to bed or even worse, infront of the toilet throwing up. Don't worry about carcinogens in cannabis, get a small water bong and the worst plant matter will get filtrated away, the rest will be absorbed by your body, it doesn't pile up in your lungs like tobacco. Cannabis doesn't cause lung issues, infact it cures them- especially when smoked. If Michael Phelps can rip a bong and win a trillion gold medals then you can exercise without problems! You should smoke because the effects are instantaneous and therefore it's easy to regulate, which is good if you're going to be two new tokers trying for the first time alone. Lastly,  never forget that cannabis is completely harmless, if shit goes south know that it's not in anyway harmful, coffee has a lower LD50 than cannabis (much lower) and you don't see people dying from drinking coffee... that often ;)
    Good luck and enjoy your first toke.
  10. I would suggest trying someone else's vaporizer if at all possible.
  11. bro just have a few puffs of a joint, if its your first time its easy, you will be super high and it's not at all like those puffs are going to do anything long term or even short term to your lungs, all you will need is 4 or 5 puffs and ulle be blitzed for hours if its dank. then you will know what the high feels like from smoking as opposed to edibles and can then decide if you like it and if you do invest in a vape for your lungs :)
  12. Hey Op-dude, I would suggest you and this friend either roll a joint (there are good youtube tutorials to learn how to roll for joints and spliffs) or go to a "smoker's shop" aka "tobacco store" and buy a twenty dollar plastic bong and  also ask for metal, silver or brass screens (to put in the bowl to prevent wasting weed and not filtering it enough) and you will have a great high experience.
    so basically
    • Joint
    • Bong
    Hope you have fun!  <3  :wave: 
    oh, btw what lead you to GC forum, Newbie?
  13. Do you think the Dragon Lite is ok to try with? It's only $20. I heard its cheap, but if i were to continue smoking/vaping, then I would invest in a better one like the pax of mflb
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    Edibles are going to give you a crazy high and will keep you stoned for like 6hrs. edibles are for more veteran stoners I would say. as far as smoking it I dont think it would interfere with anything in your current lifestyle right now. it will only interfere if you let it. pipes are good BUT ash really sucks when you swallow it so I really dont recommend a noob to try out of a pipe. Bongs are good but will get your ripped really fast and really good but again that's for when you have built a better tolerance towards it. best thing you can do is smoke a joint or a blunt. that is my honest opinion. you will get high and mellowed out but if it's your 1st time smoking or trying Cannabis you might react different to it, it all depends. 1st time I smoked I tripped out really bad and then a couple times after but now I can actually enjoy the high. smoke with someone who is close to you and already does it. just make sure you have someone there to fly with you. there is an app that I LOVE its called Leafly tells you all about the strains and what not. do research, LOTS OF ReSEARCH. dont go into something without knowing what you are consuming. as far as it goes have fun and good luck. and yes it will help you sleep regardless of strain and it will chill you out.  :bongin:  :hippie:  :smoke:
    P.S. Vaping will get you really ripped with just a little bud. but its worth it. again something you wanna try when you have more courage to do it ^_^
  15. Don't worry about the carcinogens, many stoners live very active lives and smoking MJ has little to no effect on the lungs. In your situation I would go for a glass piece (bong preferably). Glass is smoother than papers, less expensive than a vape, and uses less weed (therefore less expensive) than edibles.

    Try a vape though if you can, it can be well worth the investment in the smaller amounts of weed you have to use to get lifted.
  16. Just smoke from a cheap bong/pipe or a joint, it will give you a quick high that will last for hours.
    Just take a puff or two, wait ten minutes, then if you feel like it take another puff or two. Rinse and repeat.
    To get a good hit breathe out as hard as you can until there is no air in your lungs, put the bowl/bong/joint in your mouth and take a massive hit.
    Since it's your first time you'll only need/want a hit or two.
    If things do go south (which won't happen) just remember that what you're feeling won't last forever.
    Good luck and happy toking!
  17. I'd say use edibles but only eat half of whatever they gave you. Most newbies have problem inhaling the smoke the first time and stuff... plus edibles are a much better high.

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