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  1. This is my first grow ever. I used Coco mixed with miracle grow perlite. I will never use miracle grow again. I've learned. The plant is 22 days old and I have the fox farm trio and maxicrop liquid seaweed. I only give 1/4 strength maxi every other watering. The nesest set of leaves trying to come in are the five fingers, but they pretty much come out yellow and no green to them. It was without light for about 36 hours because I got hit by Harvey. Any diagnosis or tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm learning.

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  2. What is your feeding schedule? How often? To run off? What's the pH of the nutrient solution and the run off? Was that plant from seed? It almost looks like a clone that was taken from a plant in flower.
  3. I pH the water with maxicrop to 5.8 and give quarter strength every other watering. I haven't been allowing it to run off because of its age. Been giving 1 liter. It was from seed. I really appreciate your time. I just want to get it right.
  4. What water are you using? How often do you feed/water? It should be done daily - never let coco become dry. Never run just water through coco and always feed to run off. It replenishes the nutes and pulls in fresh oxygen to the roots. It's hydroponics.
  5. Been using distilled water because my city water has a super high ppm. I have been watering anytime the top inch or so feels dry. Your saying always add some maxi to the water every time I water? And always have runoff, even as young as it is? Thanks
  6. If you're not using tap water, I would suggest r/o instead of distilled - plus you will definitely need some kind of cal/mag supplement. You're not growing in soil - you don't wait until the top inch feel dry - coco should never get dry. It appears that you have a sufficient amount of perlite in the mix so I suggest feeding everyday. Using plain water and letting the coco get dry are the reasons for your problems. I would flush it with a couple gallons of 1/4 strength nute solution, pH'd to 6.0 and start feeding daily.
  7. Solid buddy, and I thank you. I am trying to learn so I can help others as well one day. I will give it a try and see what happens.

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