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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gocards21685, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hello, I'm wanting to start growing soon, but have que's about the actual maintaining of the plant.

    1. What are the cycles by weeks?
    2. What are the nutes I need?
    3. What's a good ph balance?
    4. How do I test humidity?
    5. What's the ideal growing temp?

    Also I'm growing indoors if that needs to be known. I really appreciate any feedback I get, as I'm a complete beginner and don't want to get too frustrated and give up with trial and error. Thanks again for all your guys input.
  2. Hi all your questions are answered in the stickies. please read them and be sure to come back if they raise any further questions.

    good luck
  3. yea the stickies help but I'll answer what I know very basically.

    1. Depends on how big you want your plant, but usually something like 1 month for Vegetative state and 2 months for Flower state

    2. Also depends on your set up, soil fox farm trio. I have no idea for hydro

    3. 6.5

    4. you can buy temp/ humidity gauges for like 10-15 bucks.

    5. 65-80 , so ideal would be 70-75

  4. 1. Read the stickies dude. There at the top of the forum page for beginners. Everything you need to know.

    2. Cycles all depends how long. Your MJ will double to triple in height when you start flowering. I started flowering at 8 inches and 16 days later there 18 inches. Still growing. Took about 4 weeks for mine to get to 8 inches.

    3. Buy Fox Farm Nute Trio. Comes with a handy guide even thats idiot proof on what and when to feed at what week.

    4. How do you test You buy a 10 dollar digital thermometer at home depot/lowes/walmart/amazon. Put the lead in your grow area and guage on the wall or outside of the grow area. It will show you temp and humid.

    5. Ph Balance 6.5ish for soil. Dunno for hydro.

    6. Temps 75 to 85 is good.

    If your a complete beginner and we all were at one point your first thing you should do is read all the stickies on here. Google MJ Grow Guides. Gather your materials then plunge in. You are going to make mistakes but thats how you learn.

  5. I understand the anticipation makes you just want to dive in head first, but you really do need to do some research. You can get a billion answers in here but each one will reference a dozen other things that will lead you to new questions that again can easily be found through simple research. I know... research sucks. But if you are totally serious about growing yer own tasty goodness then it's what you have to do. Besides... you've got 60-90 days of waiting time. Start reading up bub. :)
  6. Thanks for all the feed back. Sorry took so long too reply, internets been out for a week.....but I've def put my research cap on and have learned alot, but I'm finding out I still have alot more to learn. Def gonna read up some more, then do alil trail and error. Thanks again everybody.

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