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  1. Ok lets begin with i am an idiot, but a fast learner. I am going to be starting on building a PC box with 2 70w bulbs in the top. a pc fan in the original fan slot and another in the opposite side of the box (on a wall not out the front). I'm painting the ENTIRE inside of the box base white and will be caulking all spaces where light escape. i would like to grow a plant using the LST system (believe me this lingo is all learned today). this is my first time and honestly i have NO idea what i am doing and basically here is my list of growing questions. The size of my grow box is about 2' tall, 3' wide and 1' deep.

    1. what are the light cycles for the plants from start to finish?
    2. What is a ballpark yield i can expect from a single plant? (I know its not pounds but I need to know if it is worth it.)
    3. what are the best chemicals and fertilizers to use.
    4. What is the best way to germinate my seeds? (IE. straight to soil or wet towels?)
    5. is my box big enough to do a FULL LST grow inside of it.
    6. What is the length of time i can expect for a full grow cycle. (i know 4 months from start to smoke but how long for germination to cutting buds only.
    7. If i build 3 boxes is it feasable to have one for cloning, growing, and flowering, and maybe a fourth for drying???

    If you only leave me a link to where i can find this out is fine but these are the specific questions i can not seem to find. Any extra advice will be well appreciated and i will post a grow journal when i have finished my first grow including everything so others can hopefully use the same.
  2. welcome to the forum, Blade.

    1. start with 20/4 seed through vegetating. Then around a month in set the lights to flower - 12/12
    2. a few ounces of dried bud probaby
    3. the best organic soil will be totally ruined by a chemical fertilizer application. just use dirt, and dechlorinated water.
    4. I prefer direct -sow. I recommend harvesting seeds from your salad Tomatoes, peppers, etc. Dry them out and practice.
    5. yes, but I would opt for a bigger setup, at least 3x4 x5 feet and grow some indica
    6. three months if pre-meditated sufficiently.
    7. waste of effort. Just focus on one box, one or two plants, and one harvest. then you will be one High and happy camper I suggest reading the stickies before posting.

    good luck
  3. You should just Google all of these questions. There will be clear concise answers to each one you have. Your questions aren't very specific at all. In fact, they are actually really generic.

    You'll find the answer to 1 online. The rest are like asking an opinion. You won't know a ballpark yield and neither will any of us considering you've given us no information. Best chemicals is a mix between mostly choice and some need. Some guys run higher N in flowering for certain reasons. Those reasons which may not be the same to fulfill your needs.

    2 foot is really short when you factor in the height of your pot, but it's doable.

    Why wouldn't it be feasible to have more than once box? I don't understand where any confusion would be. Of course you could set up the boxes to all handle a certain stage of growth and harvest.

    Growing marijuana is 90% reading and 10% providing the correct environment. You better learn to love to read, because that's where you'll actually learn to grow marijuana.
  4. Ok seeing how i did not clarify why i am having trouble i should have expected ohspyro89's response so let me clarify. I am stuck using the Computers on campus at my school. they have blocks on pretty much EVERYTHING i could use to learn this stuff... i have a CHEAP cell phone that i use to post on here but to actually try to use it for research is asking to much for even a peace loving man like myself. Im not asking because im not willing to do the research which is why i asked for links. its a lot easier on my phone to read replies and to choose links than it is to actually try and read through all that there is to find what i probably need to learn. as to yield, thats why i asked for ballpark and i know that as a first timer my first crops gonna suck ass... completely understand all of that but a round number is not like im going to hold you to it in court its just nice to have a generalized idea on ONE LST plant. as for size... lol bigger im lucky enough to be able to hide that in my dorm... thank god i have had it as a bedside table for weeks so hopefully no one will notice anything different about it.

    another quick question... Is the idea for 2 70 w light bulbs to much for a roughly 6 cu ft space??? and after reading 2 other posts (and yes thats all i have been able to read since i first posted) and using the formula i found in one... it said i only needed 21w in my dorm??? is this right because it seems really low...

    anyway i hoped that cleared up why i was asking and not just trying to get yall to do the research for me.
  5. my grows are %90 kicking back and %10 watering. that's why my journal is called the Fiesta

  6. Firstly suggest you read all the stickies at the top of the forums, google some grow guides as well.

    1. Veg can be up to 24 hour on lights. Flowering is 12/12

    2. So many variables its silly. That all depends on every single factor you can think of pot size, what kind of nutes, even the kind of light and then your sanity has a role in it. Many growers are loons just look at some of the photos on here.

    3. Fox Farms is good. I use to use it. Use Advanced Nutrients now.

    4. Shot glass for 24 hours then wet towel method rest of the time for myself.

    5. Perhaps

    6. 3 months abouts

    7. Up to you.

  7. You should quit right now. Don't grow on campus property. Not only will you get caught, but when you do, you won't be able to attend that university and possible other universities for a certain period.

    If you're hell bent on growing, grow somewhere off campus outdoors. Do not grow in your dorm room.

  8. um are you high or something? no way in hell am i going to care if i am attending university or not hell this school don't teach jack sh*t anyway... as for attending another university... yea not in the USA I'm leaving for Europe in 2 years and plan on attending their premier culinary school... I'm here to kill time and get high.

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