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Newbie here

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EightyNiner, May 28, 2010.

  1. Hey guys i just started toking last week :D

    I just have a question can weed actually be addictive or mess up your memory and performance in school and stuff like that?

    Right now I'm on summer so I just got my own pipe and I've been getting high on the beach for like the past 5 nights in a row (weather has been amazing) just enjoying music on my ipod and then going home and eating and masturbating of course because I don't have work or school in the mornings anymore.

    Anyways thanks all, imma go try some new weed i purchased right now and i'll check this when I get back :D
  2. Weed has never interfered with my grades or schoolwork and I've been smoking for about three years. I always just made sure I got everything done that I needed to before i toked it up.

    Weed affects my short term memory usually, but only for the duration of my high. Afterwards my memory always returns.

    Keep on smoking man :smoking:

  3. It is more habitual than anything; as long as you don't start making weed a priority (like i did when i started) you will be fine
  4. no, id actually say its improved my life in every way
  5. Some processes of your daily life can become dependant on weed if you use it multiple times daily. The most affected are eating and sleeping habits. Marijuana has no withdrawl symptoms however, so it cannot be considered addictive. It can affect your short term memory, but nothing major. It also can greatly decrease your preformance, as well as not effect it at all. This varies based on the smoker and if they're a naturally lazy person or not. Anything I missed?
  6. then going home and eating and masturbating of course


    but no unless you let it take over your life.
  7. Weed helps me accomplish things. I don't what I would do without it.
  8. Its not addictive but as someone said can be very habit forming. As long as your responsible about it, it shouldn't affect your life negatively. Personally, I can't focus on my school work when Im blitzed, so I don't blaze if I'm doing stuff that needs to be done, but I love to be high in class as most of my notes are powerpoint slides that I just print off so it helps pass the time. Its more up to the person more than anything, IMO.
  9. Your short term memory will be affected, but it's not serious. If I forget, it's usually something that wasn't important.
  10. It won't affect your school unless you let it, I smoked 2-3 times every day during high school and had a 3.3-4.0 GPA the whole time
  11. It doesn't have to have a negative affect on anything you don't want it to :) it's just like most other things be sensible about it and it's all cool. Loads of people here have done really well for themselves and smoked pot, including myself. Don't feel like you have to become some stereotypical stoner to be a "real" one, know personally I don't even get what that means! But I know some newbies think like that.
  12. ive heard from alot of seasoned tokers that after many years (around 10) of toking they get short term memory lose and i believe it .
  13. My best friend has been toking for about ten years on a daily basis, and he insists that it has affected his short term memory. I think he's full of shit though, because he memorizes things faster than I do. I'm pretty sure it's all in his head.
  14. I've noticed since i started smoking again a month agi after a summer + couple months of not smoking that my grades have gone way up. idk man i wouldn't depend on what i say though.

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