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Newbie here :)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by RedwoodOriginalKush, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, my name is Vlad and I'm trying a home grow setup for the first time...
    My setup is a SecretJardin DS60 (0.6X0.6X1.5), 250W Dual Sunmaster lamp, Uplux 250W Digital ballast, 5" Cool tube, 5" charcoal 240 m^3/h filter, S&P Silent 200-240 m^3/h fan, 104 m^3/h silent intake vent, 6" clip fan, 9L buckets with more holes on the ribs around, Light mix soil, Biobizz nutrients... Think that's all... :)

    Anyway, on Friday I've put 2 seeds of Freddy's Best in a cup of water, on Saturday I've put the seeds into 2 small plastic cups with soil, about 0.5 cm inside, and covered... 4 days have passed, and nothing happened yet.
    It's a little "cold" here(for our country lol) and the temps are about 20 C' in my room or a bit lower...
    Could the cold be the reason? Is it okay that the seeds didn't open yet?
  2. I personally like to keep my seeds in water until they crack and the tap root shows, just to ensure I have good seeds, but it can take 5 or more days for them to break surface of soil once planted. Just kick back and try to have patience with the little buggers. Having temperatures below 70 degrees can definitely slow your plants down in my opinion.
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  3. If you soak your seeds wait till you see a taprot some put them in paper towels after a 24 hour soak. If your going to germ wait till you see a taproot or it's a waste of your time. Your question is answered above by Fence. You won't them warmer than 68 degrees. and you want to give a little water a couple times a day, just a little squirt or 2 just keep the soil moist not saturated or dry. I don't cover my solo cups but people do and it works. Just need warmer temps. You really don't need to have a carbon filter on or too many fans IMO.
    Good Luck

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    Thanks for the response guys! :)
    One of them has already cracked and about 4 cm tall, still with seed cap on.. The other hasn't yet...
    About the fan and the filter, it's necessary, because I'm growing in my room and I don't want any smells to bring unwanted guests. ;) The carbon filter will be used only when flowering starts, now it's still in box and the tube intake is open.

    Btw, the temp in my room is about 23-25 celsius, so it's not bad at all...

    Hope it goes well, so excited! :D

    Btw... If the second seed opens few days after the 1st, it will still okay to grow and flower them together later on?(not that I have any other choices lol)
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  5. Yes it's fine, they don't need to sprout on the same day. There is no smell yet is there? I mean it's up to you if you think you need your inline cf running 24/0 that's fine. But if it has speed control I lower mine to the lowest setting at night time, when lights are off. So your not running your cf yet? In veg they will start to smell some strains more then others. Just try not to have your fan blowing to much on your seedlings IMO. a light breeze is fine. I have a jardin ds120 I paid $85 for it a 4x4 has a carrying case and everything for a ScrOG just the clips that go on the poles. But I couldn't believe they don't have double socks for the ports! And only 2 poles that go across at the top, and just one passive intake vent and 1 Port for your wiring? There the cheaper version. The DR 120 or 150 are built better! But there are also a lot more money. I reinforced my tent with PVC poles at top. My light is 31lbs so I wanted to make sure it was sturdy lol. But the zipper works great and doesn't have any light leaks I could see. There's a flap behind the zipper. Post some pictures.
    Good Luck

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  6. No smell yet, because one of the seeds just popped out about 2 days ago... It has more time for the smell, till flowering starts...
    The vents are silent and I put it on the lowest speeds, so yes, they will work 24/7 for refreshing the growing area...
    I will open a growing thread soon. :)
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