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Newbie here with questions about "Legal Bud"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ragekai, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. IDK. The government impounded shipments to the US of spice gold packets because they found the synthetic cannabinoids undeclared... but they might just have been pissed that they weren't told about it.

  2. Oh? I found a site that says itll ship to US...pretty pricey though. $77 USD to get me a 3g bag. But it looks like I'll get 6g cuz they have a "buy 1 get 1 free" offer going on..which I hope stays for a while..
  3. $77...dude..
    Plus shipping+handling
    Thats gonna be like $83-$85.
    With that you could get an 1/8 of something that would knock you on your ass.
    And a dub of reg.
    Or an 1/4 of good mids.
    Or a ounce of reg and a dime bag of reg..
    Don't waste your money on legal shit that won't do any good for you.

  4. It's $77 shipped. And I think it's worth it to try something legal that could efficently "knock me on my ass" as well...? I don't have any illegal connections, anyway. :p
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    Damn I'm having problems finding a site that will ship this "Spice Gold" to the US. :(

    I'm not sure if I should trust this SPice-gold-direct or whatever cuz they have a lil clause saying some bs that basicly means if its illegal for them to send me it..then they just keep my money and im screwed.
    If anyone knows a site that will, plz pm me it.
  6. Dude, if you really want to try marijuana, get the real stuff.

    "Legal weed" is going to be
    A. Super expensive.
    B. Shit.

    You're not going to get very high, and think "I don't know why this is so popular!!! It's dumb!" Then you'll hate on us, and we'll cry a little inside, because we lost one more to the government.

    Look, just bring it up in a conversation that you've been curious about it. Some friends might scold you for being curious, but they're fuckwads. Other, better friends won't judge you for being curious, and maybe know some people they can hook you up with.

    More people do it then you think, or at least HAVE done it.
  7. dude just buy some weed, there are more stoners around that meet the eye.
    As far as far as living with your girl's parenstl, just hide it.

    illegal highs>legal highs
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    Yeah, read about it here.

    EDIT: Maybe I'm just baked and so didn't see if you did or not, but did you look in the legal highs section of the GC store? I'm pretty sure you can get it there (But they may not ship it to the US).
  9. But they don't ship to USA.
  10. just buy real bud dude.
  11. #31 sikander, Feb 14, 2009
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    Yeah, if it's down to real bud or spice... go for bud, seriously. the stigmas people have surrounding weed aren't just because it's illegal, so if you get caught with an herbal blend sprayed with cannabinoids it's not exactly like they'll be any cooler about it than weed... and it looks like it's not quite legal just go for bud. The experience will be better and you're pretty much exposed to the same risks as you would be for spice, apparently.
  12. To all your questions I respond, "Do not buy Legal Bud."
  13. all the legal stuff is garbage, even the spice bullshit. the "stopping of packages" and what not because of synthetic cannabinoids etc. are just rumors from the company itself. if "u cant get it" more people want get real bud man, u wont be dissapointed, lol unless its shwagg

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