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Newbie here with questions about "Legal Bud"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ragekai, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I'm looking to do a lil toking. I haven't smoked much at all in my life; but I want to relax some times and could use this to help. But, I don't really want to deal with the legal ramifications or general community rejections just at this moment..

    So, as an alternative I've been looking online and came across ""

    Has anyone had any experince with this; and can enlighten me a bit? Does it really work? Are the deals decent? And any other things I should know..? Thanks a ton!
  2. lol dude ,jus buy real bud
  3. its better then real bud.

  4. It's not really effective, from what I've heard, which is probably why it's legal.

    Just be sneaky and buy some real bud.
  5. I dont' have any friends who can supply. And I don't want to just blindly ask people "Hey, you wouldn't happen to sell marijuana, would ya?" :p
  6. yeah, one time i smoked these legal buds off of and i got so blazed that i started seeing pink unicorns and i went on a journy throughout space and landed on the moon.

    just kidding. dont waste your time and money on that shit bro.. if this shit worked dont you think people other than fishy online sites would sell them?

    if you want tips on buying, i wouldnt go around asking random people if they sell bud. get into conversation with people at headshops, wherever, use your imagination.
  7. Well, Also I live with my girlfriend's parents..and atleast with legal bud I'm kinda in the clear..but if they were to discover I was firin' up some mary jane ..they'd be pretty upset.
  8. ask your parents for some weed. old people get good shit. haha

    legal bud means NO THC.

    you gotta know at least one other stoner man.
  9. Legal Buds...they have tempting looking buds...

    If only they got you high...
  10. Ok the online consensus seems to be that is crap.

    However, I see a few people claiming that another "legal"-herb smoke is actaully capable of lifting the spirits. It's called "Spice Gold"

    It looks like its all sold out at the had experince with that?
  11. Don't waste ur time with legal stuff.
    It sucks.
    Just find some people in ur community that seem like they smoke, or you know smoke and just be like "yo hook me up"
    Don't worry about ur gf's parents finding it, keep it hidden. But if you're that paranoid just tell em its legal bud.
    Real weed gives you real highs.:smoke:
  12. #12 Ragekai, Feb 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 14, 2009

    Seriously though, I google the Gold Spice and I see tons of reviews by skeptics who consider all "legal weed" to be crap saying how they got pretty high off this stuff...but everyone says the's shit is whack. But most have said this Gold Spice is good...I don't know if theres a difference though or which to get cuz there is that has some "gold spice" then at it's similar called "Galaxy Gold." And I duno if thats the same or not...and then there are a lot of others by I guess the same company and I don't know if it works or not. But I want to get what this guy is describing here:

    EDIT: the galaxy gold an inscent? im confused..
  13. if you smoke ciggerates... bum a ciggerate...and ask em if they smoke anything else besised tobbaco
  14. smoke some salvia.
  15. Go with Spice blends, they're the few legal highs that work because they have a synthetic chemical in them
  16. Wait..the Galaxy Gold AND the Spice Gold both say they are incents..and why does it say this:

    "not suitable for burning, smoking, imbibing. Do not inhale the smoke that is created if this product is burned. Do not use this product in any incense burning equipment."

    on the Spice Gold package..? :eek:
  17. salvia divinorium(did i spell that right?) is an incense and isnt supposed to be smoked either.

  18. So it just says not to smoke it..even though it is obvious we will all know thats the intent? :hello:
  19. Yeah, I've heard about spice gold. It gets mixed reviews- from what I've heard it's sort of like a very heavy indica high- just real couchlocky and whatnot.

    The company that makes it lied about what they put in it- some researchers analyzed it and they found all kinds of stuff that they didn't advertise, including HU-210 (a synthetic cannabinoid) and JWH-018 (another one). I think I heard one of those is mildly addictive.
  20. Hm are synthetic cannabinoids legal?

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