Newbie here, in need of some tips.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cheeba, May 11, 2003.

  1. Ok, so ive decided to do some indoor. Ive never done this before, so i will accept ALL the tips you guys can give me!
    I will post some more when i get some supplies. First thing i need are some seeds!
  2. I'm new here so I don't know what's readily available on this site so I'll start at the beginning with the seed issue.

    I recommend starting with good bag seed instead of buying expensive seeds for your first time. Unless you live where getting them is no big deal and you have lots of money, buying seeds can be a security risk and expensive. You're going to need your money for grow equipment and supplies at first.

    Select seeds from potent bud that are well formed, dark in color and preferable with some mottling or varying coloring (kind of like tiger stripes I guess).

    You need to think about what lights you are going to use and get some advice on that.

    You also need to work out your grow space, thinking about ventilation and light leaks. You want no light leaks for the best flowering.

    I can't describe everything in one thread so we'll have to get some help from others here hopefully and I'll jump in and help where I can too.

    Next step:


    Any one else want to chime in?

  3. Awesome, yea i think a mod is gonna send me some good seeds, i used to live near him so i dont think it would be a problem. Next is Soil. Im not worried so much about the brand as i am what type of soil and fert i need, any ideas? Also, is aluminum foil the best reflectant?
  4. This is the old BOGs mix recipe I used this year:

    5 gal. Sam's Choice or Shultz continuous feeding potting soil.
    2 gal Perlite
    2/3 cup Bone Meal
    2/3 cup Blood Meal
    2 Tsp Dolomite Lime

    Alfalfa meal and kelp meal have been strongly suggested to add more potassium, MJ likes extra potassium apparently but I haven't tried it yet.

    I also start with light ¼ strength liquid fert like 20-20-20 after a couple weeks of veg, then increase the strength a little bit each time and don't overdo it or add it every time you water. I switched to a 16-26-18 for flowering.

    I add Epsom salts (read the box) to my water here and there too, that's for magnesium and sulfer which bagged mixes can lack a bit on.

    Be careful with ferts and always start light. Proceed at your own risk!


    Edit: Use the powdered lime, not the pelletized lime :)

    Also, I painted brilliant flat white which is one of the best and safest “old school” coatings. Never use the bright side of foil in my opinion, use the dull side.
  5. My advice

    Keep it simple

    Good luck
  6. Ok, does that go for everything? lol
  7. Yep. Hey when I get the time, money, room, and interest to worry about PH, Co2, OZONE, HUMIDITY,NPK and so on, I probably will.

    In the mean time I keep cranking out pretty good bud with decent light, soil, temp, ventilation.

    I say its as hard or fun as you wanna make it.
  8. Whats the best thing to make the housing out of, ...wood? styrofome? sp*
  9. Light housing? If so something not combustable, and able to handle heat.
  10. blood meal = vegging
    bone meal = flowering

    When using these two agents make sure you mix it well with the soil or else it will burn the roots. Also if you use epsom salts make sure you dillute it in water completely before adding it to the mix...but you won't have to worry about that til flowering.

    ....and yea I too think flat white paint is the best reflective surface out there.

  11. True. I just put my plants in some regular ground soil in a pot then let mother nature do her thing. Maybe when I get some money from selling it I will get a more advanced set up.

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