Newbie Here Can Anyone Give Me Advise

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  1. Im not sure if i have this in the rite section.
    hi i new to the site im 22 years old my problem is i had been smoking 6 to 8 joints everyday for well over a year until i stopped cold turkey then 3weeks later i toked up again and had a panic attack i was gasping for a breath and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest it gave me a scare tbh. A few months later i tried to toke up again just 3 hits of a joint and the exact same thing happened i couldnt believe it its happened me 3 or 4 times since then is my body rejecting it? its now been over 5 months from i last tried to toke up should i just call it a day with the weed? i really miss it at times ive have some great times with my mates when we were toking up together. Any advice would be a great help to me

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    I think if you smoke 6-8 joints a day for over a year your far from a newbie :confused: but you had low tolerance and smoked more than you could handle happend to me recently haha
  3. Ive heard this problem many times on this site. Im afraid the only real solution is have a good mind set, dont smoke to much until your used to it again, and keep trying. If you want to enjoy it like im sure you did before then keep trying  :smoke:
  4. I believe this happens because you are nervous / anxious before hand that something negative will result from you smoking thus when you smoke your exact fear comes true.

    Mind over matter
  5. Think he meant newbie here as in newbie here to the city. I could be wrong though haha.
  6. Same thing has happened to me, build ur tolerance back up.
    1 bowl, 2 bowls, 3...back to your 6-8 joints then

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