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    Autoflower 1 week old in coco coir/ Alaskan humus mix.
    Ive been misting the top soil each day when it looks dry.

    Refer to my reply for updated info.

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  2. Seems OK, careful not to overfeed it so young.

  3. Also forgot to add this is a outdoor plant should i have started it indoors and moved outside after veg?
  4. No need to mist anything yet. A natural wet/dry cycle will benefit the root growth. Never so dry that the plant wilts and suffers, but almost dry is good. Lift the container and get an idea of the weight. It should get very light before you need to water again. Watch the plant.

    She does look fine for now.

    Edit... NM... this is outdoor.
    Water when she needs it. You started REALLY late in the season. I hope you are in the Southern States, ideally Southern California, for this plant to finish before the cold and the rain sets in and molds her out.
  5. I've got a greenhouse so im not to worried. She would be in the greenhouse now if it wasn't 100 degrees in there.

  6. Well keep in mind its mid agust? If u can bring her in to veg even more that would be good.
    But will u be able to adjust flowering in sep and harvest in november? Thats the stuff i would leave to tha pros.:confused:
  7. Not exactly sure what your getting at with the second part. This is mainly a learning plant nothing serious. I figured itd be good to run through the process with autoflower so when my real plants get started i don't make any stupid mistakes. My real grow box is halfway finished just need a light and ill be all set to start.
  8. :wave:Auto outside should be fine. If she's outside be sure to treat for slugs and snails. Be sure to use the Iron Sulfate type cause the other type is poison. That tiny of a lil gal you could wake up in the a.m. and she'd be gone from a slug or worm. :eek:
    Outside spray (even that young) w/Spinosad (not poison) well and often she should finish fine.;)
    good luck:smoke:
  9. Forgot it was an auto
  10. i should be fine with slugs and snails shes on my back deck in a pot holder surrounded by other plants. Thanks for the advice though.

  11. I get them on my deck but it is pretty wet here a lot.:wave:
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    It seems to have progressed.

    There are tiny almost holes but its like a see thru spot not a actual hole.
    I haven't begun giving it nutes after seeing the holes only a very small amount to cover any possible deficiencies. Along with a small amount of cal mag to cover the possibility of cal/mag lockout due to coco.

    So after doing a little research on my coco coir (root organics) I ran into a thread with someone saying to feed nutes right away because root organics is made to have almost no nutes. Can anyone confirm if that would explain the problems?

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    For anyone who cares the small holes turned out to be spidermites and small catipellars attacking the shit out of my poor plant. i finally said fuck that and moved my plant indoors into a metal cabinet i had laying around and also put on lights going to be 24 hr from now on growth was way to slow outdoors.

    Lessons learned// Don't bother growing outside in the NE, Don't bother growing autos outdoors in general, and last but not least look over the plant from all angles when its showing signs of being hurt.

    Oh and on a positive note her root systems filled up the whole pot I can see roots near the bottom holes. Hopefully this means with her new home and light cycle shell be flourishing in no time.
  14. Wow. You picked up spider mites on that tiny little plant? Your area must be FLOODED with them.
  15. I was very surprised to that they would choose to attack a small plant. but she was close to other plants (not mj) they might be infested. I'm just glad i figured it out before they destroyed her.

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