Newbie has a few questions, please help :)

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  1. I have a few questions actually,

    1. Does the size of your light determine how much bud you will get? I have a 150 watt HPS at the moment, so would it be best to grow 3 plants or just 1 big one.. or does lighting not work like that? I would assume that plant would just grow faster and bigger if alone because the other plants wouldn't be "stealing" the light


    2. I started my first grow a while ago, my plants seem extremely tiny and they're pretty crappy to say the least. I'm thinking about switching to flower soon so I can start my next harvest sooner. Would this be a terrible idea or not? Here is my current standing on all of them.

    And I apologize if my questions are pretty newbie, I'm still trying :(

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    a while ago i read on here that it should be about 100w per plant

    more is always better though

    also your pots look a little small to me. i would transplant to a gal bucket then switch the light?
    my .02
  3. The general rule of thumb is 100w for the first plant and 50w for each additional. as far a plant size goes, how long was "a while ago"? I agree they may need to be transplanted depending on how old they are. Look at the holes in the bottom of the pot, if the roots are coming out you need to give them more room. Hopes this helps you out. Good luck!

  4. Ahh yes so should I just basically get rid of one of my plants? I'm going with 3 plants under an HPS, thought 50 watts per plant was the rule, didn't take into consideration that the first plant was 100. As far as planting, I did about a month ago
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    #1: Yes. but there are many other factors to yield. Such as proper coverage, proper light intensity, strain, canopy, nutes ect. 3 plants is good right now if they are not sexed yet and not femmed seeds. As previously mentioned a bigger pot size would be good it has a lot to do with leaf size and bud size. Your plants are a little droopy which is fine if they are underwatered just a bit and you are trying to get the roots to search but it looks like its time to hit them with water if that is the reason. I would suggest only budding 2 plants tops under the light though. And the plants are only "stealing" light if they are shading other parts of another plant which doesn't look like the case yet. (The "rule" is 100w for the first plant and 50w for each other plant. Generally 60-70w a plant is ideal and that is with the efficiency of a 600 or 1000w)

    #2:Bad idea. You will take a huge hit in the yield department. Those need more veg. And figure out what you are doing wrong to fix it next time. How far is the light? What pot size do you have? The more information you give the more help you will receive typically.

  6. The light is about 7-8" inches away from the tops of the plants. I bought the pots during summer, I didn't pay attention much when I bought them to the size of them but they're about 6-7" tall if that helps
  7. Bigger pot size for sure. At least 1 gallon. Hopefully you will see some movement after a transplant. Nutrients you are using? Soil you are using? Do you know why they are drooping?

  8. I'm using miracle grow currently. I'm unsure of the soil I'm using, just some I found around my house. That's partially why I want to get this group out of the way and get new soil for the next group. I'm unsure why they're drooping though :/
  9. They could be overwatered or root bound or underwatered. It really is up to you in your final decision but don't expect a good yield from those if they were put into flower now. Miracle grow isn't recommended but I personally don't know much about growing with it but I have heard others use it when left with no other options. If you wanted you could start some new seeds and see if they catch up but you would likely end up killing them in the long run because I would expect your other plants to be sorted out by then.
  10. What would you recommended as far as nutes go? I think I must've fried my plants a little probably because of the MG :/ I don't think the water is seeping through the entire pot because my pots seem pretty heavy from when I first transplanted. How do I know if my water is getting clogged up or not?
  11. The pot should drain just fine I would think as that is what it is built for. What is your room temp and humidity? I am now starting to go fully organic. I was using General hydroponics and some AN products. There is a lot of living stuff in the soil working with your plants to grow and organics help work with these. You should drop a question about what nutrients in the organic section. They will likely give you a better answer then I could.
  12. MG is "frowned upon" from what i've seen on her because they just dont produce the best results and were designed for house plants rather than MJ. I have used them when i couldnt find anything else and had to wait on UPS to deliver. and they didnt seem to have an adverse effect on my girls. Make sure when you start using any nutes not to just blindly follow the directions on the box/bottle start off diluted a bit and work up until they get used to them. I always start with the simplest fix and work my way to the harder... I would check your soils moisture a few in below the top to start. if it feels wet(not damp) a couple inches below the surface maybe wait an extra day and then water. On the flip side if its dry just add water. Generaly when mine are good and dried out and i water them i can see signs of the droop correcting itself within hours or less. Those are the easiest things i can think and probably the easiest to fix. could be nute lock, could be root bound could be a ph problem no way to know for sure. just trial and error to an extent. Well thats my .02 I hope it helps.
  13. Hey man your plants don't look bad at all! You should see some people's plants with "problems..." Just remember that less is always more with these plants. Everything we do to them indoors is just an attempt to 1. mimic nature and 2. try to "improve" on nature. So try to keep your nutes organic, go easy on the dosages at first. A lot of soils have tons of other things in them like ferts, pesticides, other living things, pathogens, etc. Coco is inert. It's pretty cheap too, in compressed bricks, even the stuff that has already had the salts rinsed out. It's great for beginners as it's impossible to overwater and is easily ph buffered.

    It looks like you know what you're doing, just don't overthink it! It's just a plant; it will grow :]

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