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newbie growing

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by hemphendersen, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. What if i want to just plant some seed and see what happens? Do I really need all this specialized equipment? I understand that it will work to my benefit if i do, but what if I want to just grow some weed and see what happens? I got the whole light cycle feeding crap down (been studying for months), but what if I'm not looking to grow some super cannabis cup quality weed? What if I just want to grow some smoke that is decent quality? Not the one hit shit but the three to four hit shit. Do I have to go to these extremes? Can I just be really really careful and grow in, shall we say, less than optimum conditions, and still grow some quality weed? I'm starting 15 seeds from a high quality bag (as high quality as it can get with 15 seeds(4 actually)), do I really need super deluxe quality lights, fans and what not to make it happen? I figure if i got 3-4 nice females, I'd be tight. Take good care of them, feed them well, watch the light schedule, etc. etc. I could have some nice (decent) shit. (Way better than the schwag I usually get)(been saving seeds from good bags for 3 years) I'm not looking to be super grow man by any means, just curious. The information here is great. Just want to know if what I am planning is possible. Which is: put some seeds in a pot, take really good care of them, brutally murder the males, and see what the females do. I'm not looking for anything to sell, just some decent smoke.

    Can it be done on a budget? What happens to ordinary pot plants when the males are separated from the females and the grower doesn't have a trillion dollars to buy all the good lights and whatnot? Can you still grow something of quality or am I wasting my time?

    Again, not trying to set any THC records just want to grow some decent weed.
  2. All I can say is you get out of it exactly what you put into it. You don't need anything fancy, just have to provide the basics.
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    Thats what I'm thinking, not looking for the super shiznit, just some good smokeable. got time and effort to do it right, just don't have the $ to do it super duper wise. It ain't always got to be the one hit shit, something decent works too, don't it?

    Thx for the reply
  4. Grow outside. You dont need anything but sun, rain, dirt and privacy

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