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    003.JPG 003.JPG 003.JPG 003.JPG High all,  I was given a blackberry kush female clone about a month and half ago.  I'm positive it was started indoors and when it was given to me I put it outdoors in a big half wine barrel planter.  I'm pretty sure it went through some initial bleaching from being exposed to quite a bit of sun.  But I seemed to nurse it back to a very healthy happy plant.  It seems to be growing like wild right now.
    A few of my concerns are that I've read a lot of different things about growing blackberry kush and one of it's characteristics is that it only grows three leaf formations.  That has been true to this point.  Big three leaf formations.  One person said that's because it's clearly not getting enough light outside.  Other's said the plant will never grow 5 or 7 leaves because that strain only grows three leafs.  Another thing I read was that this is a tricky plant to grow because it constantly wants to go into pre flowering and that some who have grown it keep it on 24 hours light indoors just to avoid that.
    My plant is in an area that gets partial blocked sun and then it gets really good sun and then it goes back to partially blocked.  Not ideal by any means and that could have added to what I believe was some pre flowering.  I was starting to see little tiny white hairs in the crotches of the plant.  Leads me to believe it was pre flowering.  But I've moved the plant the best I could into better light and I think it's reverted back to veg.  I will try to get some pictures uploaded to show you all what the plant is looking like.  I just see tons of new growth and they start out as small little three leaf formations and then quickly grow out very large.
    I'm feeding it Pure Blend Pro Grow 3-2-4 because I believe it's in the veg mode or at least I'm hoping so.  First time growing outdoors period.  I have recently lifted the heavy planter and put on rolling casters so I can just roll into the sun as it shifts.  Seems to be happy.
    So much information that I'm trying to process but I'm enjoying it.  Any suggestions about growing this strain would be greatly appreciated.  I'll try to get pics asap.  Thx.. View attachment 1225076 View attachment 1225077 View attachment 1225078
    The three photos are from 5/20/13, 6/4/13 and 6/9/13.  I have newer ones that I'll upload also but this should show you what things looked like when I started and how they look now.


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  2. Okay,  I screwed something up.  Thought I downloaded the pics perfectly but they are huge when I click on them to open.  Any idea how I get them smaller so when you click on the thumbnail it's a picture you can actually see instead of this massive blurry picture.  Sorry guys, thought I was doing good but I need some help.  Thx.
  3. Pics good for me. How is she?

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